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Hawkins photo presented

Thursday, April 12, 2012



Seldom has there been as an attractive affair as the luncheon which Mrs. C.D. Sample and Mrs. W.D. Witwer gave yesterday afternoon to over 60 guests in compliment to two charming visitors, Mrs. C.S. Jobes of Kansas City, Mo., and Miss Helen Louise Knecht of Dayton, Ohio. The hostesses had the following friends assisting: Mrs. D.P. Thomas, Mrs. J.J. Lewis, Mrs. Charles Payton, Mrs. Stephen Hubbard, Mrs. E.L. Glaze and Mrs. R.S. Tiernan. A trio composed of Mrs. Harry Kauffman, Mrs. Verne Powell and Miss Elizabeth Burton played all during the afternoon. The tables were cleared for cards and dominoes. Some exquisite prizes were given. Mrs. J.J. Lewis was fortunate in winning a cut glass piece, while a hand-painted dish was given to Mrs. Leslie Liepman. The domino favor, a pair of silk hose, was won by Mrs. J.T. Beatty.

Last night at the Y.M.C.A., the Farmers Bowling Team beat the Bankers squad by a score of 1,936 pins to 1,897.

Several days ago a merry-go-round was stored in a building on South Main Street. It will be put in service within the next few days.



An enlarged photographic portrait of Professor E.J. Hawkins, who has served the African American schools here and their patrons continuously for almost 45 consecutive years, was presented to the Plaza school by the black Parent-Teachers Association and the black Athenaeum Club. The event was well attended by pupils and patrons. The portrait rested on an easel under a veil when the exercise began, and at the appropriate moment in the program the veil was removed. Superintendent V.M. Liston declared Professor Hawkins has the complete confidence of the school board and the public.

Ben Swan brought to The Tribune a brass belt buckle that he found in the ground while digging up a tree two miles southwest of the city. The buckle carries an eagle insignia and probably came from an army officer's uniform. It is only slightly tarnished.

The fire department was called out last night to extinguish a fire at Third and State street in an old "Moon" car. The blaze started from a backfire.

Frank Vail, custodian at Gunn Park, is about the first person to put a lawn mower in operation this spring. Frank had the mower out yesterday, but it was cutting wild flowers and not bluegrass.



A number of sex education reference books which have been in libraries of Bourbon County schools since last October are being recalled and will no longer be used, County Superintendent Eva Krull said, adding "the books are too frank."

"Because the booklets were so highly recommended by the state authorities, I did not study them before giving them to the teacher," said Miss Krull. With a closer study, she said, several persons are carrying petitions. One of the petition bearers, Mrs. Clifford McGuire, said they would be fine in the home for parents to use, or in the high school, but they are too frank for young children. R.E. Hicks, Fort Scott school superintendent, and high school Principal Ralph Evans appeared to agree with Mrs. McGuire.

Photo caption: "These teachers are part of the group planning an education exposition to be held at Memorial Hall May 5. Included are Kelly Guthrie, Hill DeMent, Carl Clinesmith, Jack Gilmore, Mrs. Mary Nelle Beth, Marcel Normand, Mrs. Lucile James and Howard Armstrong."--Tribune photo

Cleaner Claude sez ... The old saying: Rome wasn't built in a day ... it was probably a government job.

If you want the finest job of cleaning, send it to Murray's for professional care."-- Murray Dry Cleaners, 111 W. Second.



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