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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Moving reaffirms that home is where the heart is

Monday, March 5, 2012

As I was sitting in the front room today and looking around at the inside of Ironquill, it was so different from before I started dismantling it.

And it finally dawned on me that it isn't a house or place that makes it our home, but what we put in it: Things, treasures, antiques and just plain stuff. All of the things that we put in it was a part of us.

And now that most all of those things have either been given to family, friends, resale shop or to the dump, it isn't our home anymore. Our family pictures aren't gracing the walls or tables. The wall pictures, decorations and all of the many treasures that I had collected over the years are either gone or packed away in boxes that now line the walls just waiting to be brought forth when we move into our new home.

The house now almost seems like it doesn't belong to us anymore. Well, actually it doesn't belong to us anymore.

As family members arrive and take various things that we won't have room for, I am very sad to see the treasures go. Then I realize they are going to a new home too.

Even with so many things gone, we still have tons of stuff that has to be moved.

We have a porch glider that belonged to my mama. At the present time it is on our sun porch, but there is a front porch at our new home where it will fit nicely. We have a round metal porch table that was also hers, and there will be room for that too.

I can already imagine myself sitting out on the porch in mama's glider in the summer with a glass of lemonade and visiting with new friends, or very leisurely reading one of my many books, or possibly jotting down notes for my column.

As I walk out to the kitchen, the sun is streaming through the kitchen window. I have a shelf in the kitchen that was for all of my cookbooks but now looks forlorn as all of the books are packed away.

A sunbeam lands on a beautiful spider web (I could call it a cob web, but that sounds so dirty) which is on the corner of the shelf.

It sparkles like diamonds and is a sight to behold. But in a few minutes the sun has moved and the spider web is just what it really looks like, a dirty ole cob web. God bless 'til next week.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare