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Friday, May 6, 2016

Feeling blessed this Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's that time of the year, Valentine's Day, and it is time to wish my "sweetie" a "Happy Valentine's Day." I can't ever remember not receiving and giving him one each year. You would think after all these years the cards wouldn't be so mushy, but they are.

It's a time to stop and reflect and remember what all has happened in the past year. We again feel very blessed to have each other and be together.

Our church is having an adult Valentine's party. Adult Valentine's party -- sounds kinda risqué, doesn't it?

We don't make it every year, but it is a fun party, good meal and white elephant gifts. Still haven't decided if we will be going.

I will never forget, back in the early years of our marriage, for Valentine's Day I gave Bob a pair of white socks with big red hearts on them and a cupid's arrow going through the heart.

I thought they were quite pretty and was so upset when he refused to wear them.

He said all the guys at Kansas Gas and Electric would give him such a bad time, he just wouldn't risk wearing them. Just to spite him, I told him I would never give him another pair of Valentine socks, and he had a terrible time trying to keep from crying. (Just kiddin'; he was deliriously happy, to say the very least.)

I am sure I have every Valentine card that Bob has ever given me.

One year I decided to fool Bob and give him the same card I had given him before. I thought if he didn't even notice, I would give him a (slightly used) card from then on. And ... he didn't notice. If a person doesn't even know they are being tricked, what fun is that? Sometimes he just refuses to cooperate at all.

Following is the card I am giving him this year:

Some of my favorite moments

are when it's just you and me

and the whole busy world

stops for us.

It's in those quiet moments

when I remember

that everything else comes and goes . . .

but you and I are forever.

And nothing else matters more than that.

And now my wish for all of you sweethearts out there,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare