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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cleaning closets and drawers takes one down memory lane

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As I continue to clean out closets, cupboards, boxes, the sun porch, pictures on the wall and all sorts of places where I have stashed away my many treasures, memories come flooding back of the woven stitches of that tapestry that becomes a crazy quilt of our lives. So many stitches, so many colors, some have become faded, some are quite worn, but it still remains what our lives have become. There is a strong family bond that binds us all together in many ways.

As I sat thinking of all the things I wanted to write about, things popped into my mind like Bob's ole sailor cap as it came tumbling out of one of my dresser drawers as I began to sort all of the "treasures" that accumulated in that drawer. I could see him as a young sailor in the Navy, wearing that sailor cap cocked to an angle, and I can see him wearing it, as if it was yesterday. He was quite handsome, even if I do say so myself.

As I was going through my cedar chest, (Mom gave it to me when we got married) there was a Scottish knitted tam that had belonged to Bob's mom. I had forgotten about it, so took it out and washed it and have it hanging on the line in the basement. Have decided it is time I wore it. It might give an ole grandma like me a new lease on life.

In the cedar chest was also a wee white baby pillow case that mom (grandma Pulliam) had made and embroidered for Susie when she was a baby. It had begun to yellow with age, so I washed and starched it. That really triggered my memory when Susie was small.

Also in a dresser drawer, I found a stash of pot holders that Mom had made. Every summer when she would come up to visit, she would start looking around for pieces of material to make them with. Then, the next time she came up she would have a sack full of the most wonderful pot holders that she had made. Also, with the pot holders were quite a few "scruffies" that she had made. These were made of a type of cheese cloth or mesh material or perhaps called gauze. She would cut pieces of sponge and wrap it with several layers of cheese cloth. These are great for scrubbing dishes and pots and pans. They are especially good for washing cars; they don't scratch the car.

I decided to share them with daughter Susie, daughter-in-law Catheryn and our three granddaughters-in-law. Wrapped them up and gave to them at Christmas time.

Of course, some drawers were full of old pictures. On that particular day, I didn't get much done except look at those wonderful pictures, and before I knew it, I was back in time reliving those wonderful long-ago experiences.

So, the job of packing has not been all work and no play. The wonderful memories more than make up for the hard work.

Sorry I didn't get a column in last week. We spent the Christmas weekend down in Madison and Middleton visiting our kids and grandkids. Had a great time.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare