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Sunday, May 1, 2016

More deer hunting, but only one deer found

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The second day of deer season arrived, and all of the hunters again trekked back to the woods to their tree houses. But the deer refused to cooperate. In fact, the does were probably bedded down in their doe beds, and the bucks were tired of chasing them, and hardly any deer were seen.

Finally grandson Scott shot a nice fork horn buck. That was the first and only buck that our hunting group got. Late in the afternoon grandson Corey and his daughter Olivia arrived.

All of the deer hunters had left for home by early evening. All that was left was Bob's brother John, Corey and his daughter Olivia.

They took off for the woods early Monday morning. The hunters included John and Corey and great-granddaughter Olivia, who was all decked out in her hunting clothes and thought her dad would carry her back to his tree house, which was at the very end of our 80 acres. He informed her that he had a gun, his lunch and other things to carry, so she would have to walk. So she did! She had a back pack which had her lunch and what else I don't know, but she could hardly walk. They got as far as our 200- yard shooting range when Corey remarked that there was a deer out in our bean field.

To which John replied, "I can't see it."

Corey then took a look through the scope on his gun, and it not only was a deer but a nice eight-point buck.

He had a 30:06 deer rifle with four shells in the clip. He shot all four, and the buck was still standing.

He then turned to John and said, "Do you have any 30:06 shells?" (Corey had left his extra clip in his tree house.)

To which John answered "I have a .308 -- no shells that would fit your gun."

Corey then said "I don't want your shells; I want your gun."

They quickly exchanged guns. Corey raised the gun to his shoulder and shot twice. On the second shot the buck dropped like a lead balloon. It was a good 200 yards away. He quickly tagged and gutted his deer and took it in to be registered. He and Olivia then took off for home.

On Monday night we went to a supper club called Pinecrest, where the legion had its annual steak feed for hunters. It was a fundraiser, and the place was packed to the gills. Good supper and lots of fun. John hunted on Tuesday and Wednesday, but no deer were to be seen, so he packed and headed for home, too.

Wednesday night Rob and family arrived. He and two of his sons hunted 'til about 11 a.m., when they came in to get ready, so we could all go to our church in Pittsville for a turkey dinner which was open to the community.

It was a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings, coffee, milk, juice and an assortment of homemade pies. The meal was delicious, and we had a good visit with friends. We were stuffed to the gills and could hardly waddle out to the car to come home.

In the late afternoon, Rob's wife Catheryn, Daniel and Bobkat had to head back to Madison, as she had to go to work early the next morning.

Final installment next week.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare