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Thanksgiving perfect time to lift spirits of others

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ever had "one of those days" at work? You've done more than was asked but no one has noticed? For the fifth month in a row you've deserved that "Employee of the Month" parking spot only to find that management once again has given it to Manipulator Maria instead?

You've somehow been designated the break room's "coffee filter changer person" -- a thankless position -- and your coworker has, for the umpteenth time, taken credit for the work you did for him?

Well, picture this. Just when you are at your lowest point, you arrive at work and find on your desk the "Employee Survival Kit," the Internet's answer to offer encouragement to the jobholder. Look at what this package includes:

* The Tootsie Roll pop reminding you of the important "role" you play.

* The Pixy Stix helping you "pick out" your special qualities and skills.

* The candy watch thanking you for the "quality time" you spend doing your job.

* The pumpkin seeds recognizing how you have "grown" personally and professionally.

* The Smarties aiding you in solving challenging problems.

* The Laffy Taffy reminding you that the most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

* The candy lipstick encouraging you to communicate effectively.

* The peppermint recognizing your commit"mint" to your job.

* The Bubble Gum allowing you to "stick together" with fellow employees to complete any task.

* The satellite wafer acknowledging your talents are truly "out of this world."

Now, I'm not into marketing gimmicks, but I can't help but wonder what kind of an encourager created such a fun packet. Can you imagine being the recipient of this clever pick-me-up? Surely at least one of these items would make you smile.

Paul was the ultimate encourager. Read his New Testament letters to churches scattered across the continent, and you will find words to persuade the believers not to quit, to continue to "run the race" set before them.

He was the head cheerleader for fellow believers, so proud of their faith while building them up, all the while persuading them to not get sidetracked with unimportant issues. Most of us need a Paul in our lives, don't we?

No doubt the Employees Survival Kit would pick up our spirits, and chances are we all need to do a better job of encouraging others. Maybe this Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to start as we are reminded not only to thank our co-workers, but more importantly, the One who came to this earth to encourage us to choose a better way -- to be imitators of His life and to think of others ahead of ourselves.

After all, what He offers us lasts a lot longer than a Tootsie Roll or a Laffy Taffy, not to mention it has no calories and costs us absolutely nothing.

Patty LaRoche
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