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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fast food aches and pains

Friday, October 28, 2011

There's no doubting the fact that abuse of the fast food industry can cause serious problems with your health. I was in college when the movie Super Size Me came out and targeted McDonald's as one of the key contributors to obesity across the country. I'm sure there was some truth to the findings, but I also believe that the results, including the ones that were left on the floor of the editing room before the film was finished, were massaged a little to make Morgan Spurlock's argument hold a little bit more water.

All that being said I'll get to my point, there was one portion in that documentary that I really relate to and I experienced just the other day. I got back into the habit of grabbing a quick bite to eat at one of the local fast food places, which was only a part in my temporary regression. After slapping myself in the face and getting myself back in order I went a while without fast food, yeah it was hard for a couple days but then I got used to it again and I didn't miss it. Well, the other day I decided to stop and get a burger. The result was not satisfaction of my hunger or a warm fuzzy feeling inside -- I've been here before and I should have known. What I felt was almost an immediate stomach ache quickly followed by a feeling of regret. After all, I just paid $6 for a stomach ache, that's one heck of a bargain let me tell you.

I'm sure many other people have felt that same thing, if you haven't then I challenge you to go two weeks without stopping for that quick bite to eat, take a small bag of chips to work instead of heading to the drive through for a 99 cent burger. After those two weeks, go back and get that cheeseburger and fries and see how it feels, how you feel. Does it taste the same? Does it taste as good? Does your stomach hurt?

I love my father to death but sometimes he seemed a bit cynical, but one thing he always said has stuck with me. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Just because the food is easily accessible and relatively cheap, that doesn't mean that you should have it all the time.

Well, my progress has been slow, but I have been making progress. I lost another pound this week and I am inching closer to my goal of breaking into the 290s. My wife has promised me a party when I get there, of course that was months ago, but I'm not going to let her forget her promise.

Michael Pommier
The Shrinking Man