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Childhood games hard on shoes and feet

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As Paul Harvey would say, "and now for the rest of the story."

On that path of 1938, I told you that there were three things that almost always destroys kids' shoes, the second one being taking an old tin can and placing your shoe very carefully right in the middle of the can and stomping down on it. (Of course, doing this with both shoes.) And now the fun would begin.

What could be more fun than running up and down the sidewalk or the brick street than seeing how much noise you could make? Not only does it make a horrible noise, but it also does a real number on shoes.

I always knew I would get a good scolding from my Mama when I came home. The first thing she would do (of course, she had heard all of the noise and knew exactly what I had been doing) is immediately look down at my shoes, and she would say "Marilyn Joan, take off those shoes and go barefooted before you wreck your shoes completely, and I have to give you a spankin."

Well, so much for clamping my shoes on tin cans, at least for another day.

The third shoe destroyer was my scooter. I thought I was an expert on my scooter. Just how much expertise does it take to ride a scooter? I could fairly fly down a hill.

Of course, the shoe that does all of the work really would take a beating, 'specially if I had to stop real fast. I would drag my one shoe to help slow me down, and it was always scuffed up.

Mama would invariably say, "Marilyn, why don't you try riding your scooter barefooted?"

Let me tell you, that was really a disaster. Can you imagine flying down a hill on your scooter and having to stop quite abruptly and just automatically dragging your foot?

Well ... my big toe got in the way, and my foot was pretty well banged up. After Mama "doctored" me up, she said, "Marilyn, maybe you better wear your shoes, but please try and not ruin them completely."

More next week.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare