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Labor Day weekend a most wonderful time

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It doesn't seem possible that it is Labor Day weekend, but several tell-tale signs have crept in that fall is arriving.

The trees are beginning to turn, the birds are beginning their arrangements for flying south for the winter. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. There is a crispness in the air. There is a feeling in the air that only fall can give.

Last night it was down to 52 degrees and supposed to be even cooler tonight. It is supposed to only get up to the middle 60s for a high today.

I, for one, look forward with great anticipation to the lovely crisp fall days and nights when one snuggles under a cover.

Our Labor Day weekend began with an invitation to spend the day at daughter Susie and Mike's cottage on Friday at Lake Sherwood south of Wisconsin Rapids.

Before we left that morning, we had gotten an inch and a half of rain. During the day we had several more rain showers. In between, the sun came out and was really a fun day.

Our neighbor gave us several dozen ears of fresh corn, so we took about three dozen out to the cottage. I had made two pumpkin pies and took those along, plus fresh tomatoes that our neighbor also shared with us.

We feasted on corn on the cob slathered with butter and ruby red tomatoes, so juicy and tasty, not like those things they call tomatoes in the winter that are half green and tasteless. These were so yummy; I made a pig of myself.

Susie and Mike took us for a ride around the three lakes. About a mile or so from their cottage was a cranberry marsh where they showed us two whooping cranes. Whooping cranes are very rare, and I was told that there are only 1,500 worldwide.

Then, just a short distance from there, they showed us three eagles and their nest, which was absolutely huge. On our way back to the cottage we saw three different groups of turkeys. After a delightful day, we headed for home.

The next day (Saturday) Rob and son Ben arrived at Ironquill to spend the weekend. They arrived about supper time and, again, we had a platter of sweet corn, more juicy tomatoes and a fresh baked peach pie.

After dipping up the ice cream for the pie, there was a hunk of ice cream clinging to the dipper. Without thinking, I began to lick it off.

To digress a bit, you all may remember the classic movie "The Christmas Story" where the little boy is triple dared to stick his tongue on the flag pole (in the dead of winter) and, of course, his tongue stuck to the flagpole.

Well ... my upper lip was stuck tighter than a tick to the dipper. And that was where I made a dreadful mistake. Without thinking, I yanked the dipper off, and it took off all of the skin on the under side of my upper lip. It began to bleed and continued to bleed for about five minutes. After it stopped, I immediately cut a tongue of my aloe vera plant which, as you all know, is my favorite treatment for just about anything, and I began to apply it to my lip.

By this time my lip had begun to swell, and I looked like I had been in a fight. I continued to apply the aloe vera to my lip for almost an hour. I again applied it before I went to bed.

By the next morning, it didn't hurt at all and had begun to heal. This is the third day, and it is almost completely healed.

On Monday (Labor Day) grandson Kurt, wife Shawna, and two children, grandson Corey, wife Tamara and their two children spent the afternoon with us.

Corey did his annual spraying of our house for those pesky Asian beetles that arrive in the fall to feast on the aphids that are feasting on the soybeans and the cranberries.

After the spraying, he always tells us "don't wash your windows 'til next spring as it will decrease the effect of the spraying." That always delights me, as I have a good excuse for not washing the windows.

It was a lovely, mostly sunny day, after a chilly night of 38 degrees this morning when we woke up. The kids all played out in the yard, throwing Frisbees, chasing each other, picking apples from our apple tree, tackling each other and just having a whale of a time.

We sat and visited and had a delightful time, but all too soon it was time for them to head for home down in Madison.

Tomorrow the kids will be going back to school and the parents to work.

All in all, it was a most wonderful weekend.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare