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Monday, May 2, 2016

Still keeping my eye on the ball

Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, I got myself excited about the chance to be under 300 pounds for the first time since 2003, but I am sadly disappointed. My goal was to reach the 299 mark by the end of the week and it is not looking good. I have been suffering from a pretty bad cold that gave me a sinus headache for a couple of days, constant coughing, and weak muscles.

Enough with the excuses. I'm feeling better now and I need to get myself back on track. Now that I can breathe again and the weather is starting to look a little more like spring, I have every intention of getting outside and running, walking the dog, walking with my wife, and mowing the lawn (with a push mower) every chance I get.

I used to have a membership to a gym, but it often went wasted. I enjoy working out at home or outside. I have a couple of workout DVDs that I find to be quite helpful, some of them may be a little outdated, but the sweat that pours out of my body doesn't really care how old the video is or how awesome the headband and leg warmers look on the instructor.

I made the decision a while ago that I was going to focus hard on my cardio health, but not ignore strength training. Many people feel very intimidated by going to the gym and working out or taking a class at the community center. At-home workouts are something you can get the whole family involved in. My wife and I have had a lot of fun in the past working out together in the living room.

If a workout video is not for you, it is easy to search the Internet to find homemade exercise tools. One exercise that doesn't cost anything is incline pushups with your hands on the coffee table, couch, or sturdy chair. Likewise, you can turn around and use the same piece of furniture to do tricep dips. To do the dips, put your heels on the floor and you hands on the furniture behind your back. Next you slowly lower your body, bending at the waist until your upper arms are parallel with the floor, then push yourself back up.

The Internet can be a very powerful tool, but be careful. Don't push yourself too hard to the point where you can injure yourself.

I welcome you along my journey and I would love to hear from readers about their successes and challenges. Please feel free to contact me by phone at (620) 223-1462, or by e-mail at mpommier@fstribune.com.

Michael Pommier
The Shrinking Man