Cato School receives repairs; next tour Oct. 23

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ralph and Cindy Shead came from Carl Junction, Mo., on Saturday to spend the morning with his mother, Mary V. Shead. They enjoyed lunch from the Bearcat. At noon, the couple left for Sedalia, Mo., for an overnight stay with former college friends. Sunday morning they spoke in the Parkview Christian Church in Sedalia on behalf of Learning and Teaching Ministries known as LATM.

The Arcadia man who won the $55,000 Show Me as listed in The Nevada Daily Mail on Sept. 17, was not a familiar name to Arcadia, Kan. residents. Upon reading more, it was revealed he was from Arcadia, Mo., a town near St. Louis, Mo.

Susie Stelle sends this report on the Cato school as of Aug. 17. Steve Kibbie finished the plaster walls and painting. The walls, ceiling and wooden planks look very good. The stove pipes have been replaced, but the stove will not be used until the flue has been inspected. The lighting fixtures "school house globes" will be replaced after electrical work is completed. In the northwest corner is an area showing the underlying stone wall for interpretation and educational purposes. The blackboards across the west wall are in place. The original blackboards had been removed when the building was converted into a community building back in the 1950's.

Projects not completed are ceiling lights and plugs along baseboards, a ramp on the north side of the school and date markers repainted above the doors. The next tour will be Oct. 23.

The Arcadia Christian Church was pleased to have Richard Wood from Pittsburg present a video on behalf of the Gideon Bible Organization on the last Sunday morning in September. He was also a guest in the JOY Sunday School Class. A special offering was taken to assist in purchasing Bibles.

The congregation was happy to see Mae Watt and her four sons, Bill, Delton Jr., Tom and Allen Watt who attended the Morning worship services. Mae's health is much improved and all welcomed her back. One of the songs led by the youth group was "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus", Mae's favorite hymn.

Also welcomed back that Sunday Morning were Lorene Gibson, Judy Rawlings and Willa Cable, Mr and Mrs. Don Bright and Steve Lickliter.

Class No. 10 met on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. l5, the first after summer vacation. President Patty Peterson opened the meeting by reading a Memorial note from the notebook of past president, Ava Mae Adams. The lesson was given about Tabitha, also known as Dorcas, the seamstress who died young but was brought back to life by Peter.

Roll call was given by each telling something special she did in the summer. Kelly Reeves as a writer said she took to her upstairs office in her home and did writing on her book. She lives in the former Ada Fowler home. Mary Lee Payne enjoyed a very large family reunion in Oklahoma. Carole Garrison very much enjoyed a smaller family reunion with her son and wife in Joplin where her granddaughter and family were present. Betty Dehn used the summer to entertain her Grandchildren a few at a time. The youngest, twins, Landon and Lance Long were present at the meeting. Patty Peterson with husband Gary went to Bloomfield, Neb., and viewed quilts at Nebraska State Fair.

Mary V. Shead's highlight was being Grand Marshall of Old Settler's Parade.

Patty and Kelly with the help of Mary Lee served chocolate frosted cake with orange fruited Jell-O, tea or coffee, pretzels and baby jelly beans. The next meeting will be Oct. 20.