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The Ultimate Fixer makes the impossible possible

Friday, July 30, 2010

The story is told of a man whose Model T Ford broke down on the side of a country road. He opened the hood and was attempting -- unsuccessfully -- to solve the problem, when another car pulled up behind him. A well-dressed, distinguished man got out of the vehicle and asked if he could be of any service. Within minutes, he had the stranded man's car running smoothly. The owner of the car was amazed and said, "Thank you for your help. How in the world did you find the problem and fix it?" With a smile, Henry Ford replied, "Well, I made this car, so I should be able to repair it."

It's been a tough week. My friend and her husband have exhausted ideas to help their cocaine-addicted son. Another girlfriend's routine, out-patient surgery backfired, causing her to be bedridden, incontinent, and needing to travel to Johns Hopkins to try to repair the damage. An ugly divorce led to a friend's husband quitting his job so as to not help with child support. Dear friends are about to lose their home because no one responds to the husband's resumes. Cancers have spread. Marriages are disintegrating.

Broken hearts. Broken lives. In the examples above, some are learning to turn to God for help, yet I know too many who don't recognize what is available to them and so try to handle things on their own instead of permitting the One who created this world to be involved in the solution. In the Henry Ford story, the man obviously recognized a sense of expertise in the traveling passerby and allowed him to lend a hand. We have a far greater Expert just a prayer's distance away, yet too often we allow our pride or our lack of faith to keep us from utilizing what is available. To God, nothing is so broken it can't be fixed. Luke 18:27 tells us, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

Scripture gives us plenty of examples. God parted the Red Sea and then closed it up again. He allowed a 90-year old woman to get pregnant and turned another one to salt. He used Joseph's jealous brothers' wicked scheme to ultimately provide food for the Egyptian people. He made the sun stand still and a sent a fiery torch to pass between animal sacrifices. An army of 300 with weapons of trumpets, empty pitchers and lamps defeated the entire Midianite army because of Him. He caused the blind to see and the dead to be raised to life. And He created a plan for us sinners to be forgiven.

Henry Ford might have known how to fix the Ford engine, but we have a Master Designer who can do far more. If you are dealing with something that appears to be hopeless and you have spent time tinkering in your own power to find a solution, I encourage you to turn to the One who really understands the problem, the ultimate Fixer, the One who can make the impossible possible.

He's ready. He's waiting. And He's only a prayer away.

Patty LaRoche
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