A Mother's Day Special

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It was Mother's Day and after church Bob was taking me out for dinner. We hadn't made any reservations but I had seen an ad in the Pittsville Record advertising a Mother's Day pork chop dinner at the Presbyterian Church in Arpin. Key word here folks is "I." We invited Leroy and Sharon Horn to go with us. They said they would meet us there.

Serving was to begin at 11:45 a.m. We arrived shortly thereafter, but Sharon and Leroy weren't there yet. We looked around and there didn't seem to be many cars in the parking lot, and what puzzled me was there wasn't a sign advertising it. People started coming out of church and I thought to myself, aren't these people staying for dinner? Finally I couldn't stand it any longer, a couple came and got into the car next to us, so I rolled down the window and asked them what time the dinner started. They looked at each other, and then the lady said, "Oh, that isn't 'til next Sunday the 21st."

As they drove away, I was sure that Bob was going to give me the third degree, as he had asked me twice if I was sure it was today, and I said, "sure the Record said Mother's Day Dinner." And today was Mother's Day. I knew that I was in big trouble, but being Mother's Day, and I was queen for the day, he didn't say a word, or at least he didn't out and out blame me.

By this time, Leroy and Sharon arrived, and I looked at her and said, "We have a little problem (key word here is "we") the dinner isn't 'til next Sunday." All the time Bob hissing at my side, "What do you mean 'we'?" Sharon said, "Let's just drive to Marshfield and see what we can find without a reservation." Which was about slim to none.

It hit both Sharon and I about the same time, Melody Garden. When we arrived, the parking lot was pretty full. We went inside, and it looked like every table and booth was full. But within a few minutes the waitress had a table ready for us.

In the meantime, Bob had gone to the restroom only to find it was full. After waiting for what seemed like forever, he decided to use the ladies restroom! I don't know who would have been more shocked, Bob or some lady, if one had decided to use the restroom.

Anyway, the Mother's Day special was stuffed pork chops. We hadn't missed the pork chop dinner after all. Mashed potatoes and gravy, slaw, dumpling soup, roll, apple sauce, mixed vegetable, coffee and cheesecake. What a feast. And what a nice surprise, when the waitress presented Sharon and I with a long-stemmed carnation. Each and every mother received one.

Do I dare try again, and go to Arpin this coming Sunday? What have I got to lose!