A nod to some of those who write

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hi neighbors. Recently I read where the Nevada Daily Mail earned an award for excellence. I was glad to read that, because not only do I agree with the choice, but I think it's good for the entire community.

One good "perk" about being a part-time writer with an award-winning newspaper is getting to meet some of the best writers around.

Lynn Wade is the editor of the Nevada Daily Mail as well as the Herald-Tribune, the weekend paper. She also is editor of "She" a slick regional magazine that features interesting women of the area.

Lynn also writes for both the newspaper and the magazine.

Another thing I know about her, that I'm pretty certain she won't mind my sharing, is that she is a great fiction writer as well, although I don't know where she finds the time to devote to it.

Carolyn Gray Thornton is an award-winning writer who also contributes to the Nevada Daily Mail. You can see her articles weekly on the Senior page and her column "Middle Age Plus" has also been a popular item for years. Carolyn has written several books and is a well-liked speaker throughout the area. She also has had articles appear in "She" magazine and some short fiction in a couple of anthologies of Ozarks writers.

Carolyn's sister, Ellen Gray Massey, is another award winning author and editor who has several books under her belt. Her historical fiction is very popular with adults and youth. She also is a popular speaker at many events throughout Southwest Missouri and elsewhere.

Another familiar name to history buffs is Vernon County's own Patrick Brophy, curator of the Bushwhacker Museum. Over several decades, Pat has penned many books, newspaper articles, pamphlets and booklets about local historical sites, as well as local historical events and people. He also has turned his hand to historical fiction recently.

Helen White is a local artist who has also written a book depicting some of her nationally acclaimed art and her insights about her work. Helen also has had her writings appear in national magazines, as well as in the Nevada Daily Mail.

Neoma Foreman is another experienced, versatile writer. She has written for several magazines, including "She" and others. Her weekly column about the small town of Walker is always entertaining. Her articles and feature stories in the Nevada Daily Mail and the Herald-Tribune cover people, places and events relevant to readers of all interests.

Dr. Jeremy C. Neely wrote a book about the border issues between Missouri and Kansas before and after the Civil War. He still lives in the area and is hopefully still writing.

Rosemary Noel offers insights on gardening in the Nevada Daily Mail. A speaker and jar collector, her insights, opinions and appearances are popular throughout the area.

Donald L. Gilmore wrote a controversial book about the Civil War in Kansas and Missouri. Offering new opinions and freshly dug facts, his reflections provided a lively program at the Vernon County Historical Society meeting.

I have written a couple of articles about local genealogist and post-card collector, Lyndon Irwin, a professor of agriculture at Missouri State University in Springfield. He has written books, not only about the history of the local town Moundville, but also about the train wreck at the St. Louis World's Fair and other historical topics. He is sought after as a speaker throughout the area.

I know I've forgotten to mention some other local writers who are equally as talented as those I have mentioned and I hope they understand -- and overlook -- my forgetfulness.

Of course, through the years, I've met many people who are unique and interesting, while not being writers. Each of these interviews broadened my own world and my understanding of people in general, as well as allowing me to get to know some very special people.

You don't have to be a writer to make your mark on the world. Some people make their mark with ink and paper, others with dirt and seeds, others with raw materials and a carpenter's square. Others write their influence on young minds as teachers and role models.

Until the next time friends remember every person has a story to tell and every person's story is worth listening to and remembering. Even if you have no interest in writing them down, talk to your friends -- and a few strangers -- to hear their stories and share your own.