Tax collector sees little decrease due to economy, holiday bills

Friday, January 2, 2009

After the dust of the holidays has cleared, Bourbon County residents are now faced with the challenge of paying personal property and real estate taxes.

In 2006, the Bourbon County Treasurer's Office saw a collection of $6,681,088 in personal property and real estate tax. In 2007, a total of $7,072,987 was collected. As of Wednesday morning, Bourbon County had collected $6,854,399 of the total $13,994,089 in personal property and real estate taxes.

"I think generally people have been paying pretty well," Bourbon County Treasurer Susan Quick said.

According to Quick, taxes are still being received. She said a total of $854,000 was collected Dec. 23. Taxes which were mailed may not have been processed at this time, therefor, may not be reflected in these totals. Quick said the office staff is working as fast as they can, but sometimes they cannot get to all the mail and work the counter as well.

For those who have struggled with payment of taxes, Bourbon County organized a payment plan for personal property and real estate tax. The plan, created in 2003, involves monthly payments rather than paying the full amount at the end of the year. The payment plan does accrue interest. Quick said ideally the plan is set up for those who have delinquent taxes, however, it is available to everyone.

"Its a good thing for people to get caught up," Quick said.

Another option for residents is the Homestead Refund which is a rebate program for the property taxes based on a portion of the property tax paid on a Kansas resident's homestead.

Personal property taxes were due Dec. 20. Residents not paying on time will be given a penalty. Residents were required to pay all or half the amount due for real estate tax by Dec. 20, with the remainder due May 10.

By law, if a property is delinquent for a period of three years, the property will be ceased and sold by Bourbon County to reclaim the taxes owed. The county will be hosting a tax sale at the end of January.

For more information, contact the Bourbon County Treasurer's Office at (620) 223-3800.