Senior Swingers help fellow dancer celebrate birthday

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We had another good evening for the senior citizens dance at the Buck Run Community Center with 68 present again.

We didn't have any new dancers tonight, but several newer ones that have been coming and some older ones that haven't been able to make it every time were in attendance.

Joan Engle was called to front stage and Josephine presented her with a beautiful birthday cake. She has been celebrating for a few days but her 66th birthday was Tuesday, June 24. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to her and gave her a hand of welcome. Lots of pictures were taken and she and Lonnie danced.

Bonnie Linder from Pittsburg celebrated her 82nd birthday, Sunday, June 22. We gave her a hand of welcome too.

A thank you card from Jo Helen and the Lawrence Bowyer family. Several had sent sympathy cards and the Senior Swingers and dancers sent a sympathy card last week that everyone signed. We will miss them.

Jim Mynatt and his friend were back again from Pittsburg, and he sang two numbers before break time. He also sang some more after the break and although he doesn't play the guitar, he can sing really well.

There is a dance at Cadmus, Friday night, and also a dace at the Nevada Community Center, Friday night. They are trying to have some extra dances to interest the group. We had the "Put Your Little Foot" dance again, and there were several more couples doing it. I saw a few of the girls doing the Line Waltz too.

Our Senior Swingers band have been asked to play some Friday night, this summer, at the Gazebo on Main Street. Ralph Carlson is the MC and I will inform him when we will be there and will put it in the news letter.