Tooth Wizard teaches good hygiene to students

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bronaugh students got a visit from the Tooth Wizard and his friend Panda -- Jamie Kurth and his wife Cassie -- on Wednesday. Sponsored by Delta Dental, the pair entertain children with their humorous, yet informative antics, directed at children in kindergarten through third grade to help instill the habit of good dental hygiene early.

The Tooth Wizard said he is related to a famous person, the Tooth Fairy. "She's in collection, but I'm in prevention," he said.

The program started in St. Louis seven years ago with 15 performances around the city. This year the "Teeth on the Go" program will reach 300 schools throughout Missouri.

The moment the high-energy program started, the Tooth Wizard had the children enthralled. Pulling out an oversized toothbrush, the Tooth Wizard announced that it was a special toothbrush.

"This is a special toothbrush, it's magic," he said while balancing it on one finger. "WhoooOOOooo! It can also do other things but something is missing, what could it be?"

"Toothpaste," many children shouted.

The wizard kept the children interacting with him while giving them lessons in proper dental hygiene by asking questions to which they already knew the answers.

"Do we brush our teeth up and down? No. Do we brush our teeth side to side? No. Do we brush our teeth in little circles? Yes, we brush our teeth in little circles don't we?"

After the program each child received a goodie back filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a mirror decal reminding kids to brush at least twice a day and a coloring sheet in addition all the participating students received a Healthy Smiles certificate. The school received a Teeth on the Go Kit with additional educational resources; a 12 minute video, a sing-along CD, books on oral health and an oversized toothbrush and model of the mouth to demonstrate proper brushing techniques.

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