Missouri man finds 1950 FSHS class ring, undertakes mission to return it to owner

Friday, December 28, 2007

Somewhere, sometime during the the last 57 years, someone lost their high school ring.

It's a woman's Fort Scott High School class of 1950 ring.

Mike Karsovec, Lake Tapawingo, Mo., located near Kansas City, discovered the ring.

Mike Karsovec, Lake Tapawingo, Mo., found this Fort Scott High School 1950 woman's ring in his late mother's belongings.

He found it as he was going through his late mother's belongings that he inherited after she died.

Karsovec's family has ties to Southeast Kansas. He grew up in Pittsburg, moving away at 21 years of age.

However, he said, his family doesn't have any ties to this area.

"I do not remember any ties to my family with anybody in Fort Scott," Karsovec said.

Since he found the ring, Karsovec has been investigating in an effort to find out whose ring it is. He wants to return it to its rightful owner.

"I don't have any use for it," Karsovec said. "I'd just like to find the owner of it and have it returned."

The initials "E. I. L." are engraved on the inside of the ring,which is a size 5 woman's ring.

He called the Fort Scott High School office and talked to a school administrator, who has been working in the district for many years.

The school officials looked up the printed program for the 1950 graduation ceremony. None of the names matched the initials on the ring. The school official looked up both men and women, Karsovec said.

Karsovec then called the ring's manufacturer. Sometimes the manfacturer engraves numbers with each student's ring so they owner can have a record in case it's misplaced. Karsovec thought it might've been "7 1 3" which is "the E. I. L." upside down. The company told him the engraving was probably done by the lost ring's owner.

An acquaintance of Karsovec's who graduated in 1955 from Fort Scott High School told him about the all-class reunion set to take place three years from now. He plans to give the ring to the woman, so she can bring it to the reunion and, hopefully, find its rightful owner.

"Somebody wore it a lot," he said. "Whoever had it must've wore it a bunch."