Chicken opts to replace electrolytes

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Edith DeTienne of sunny California has been visiting with her daughters, Rene Hansen and Sally Ann McDaniels. She had a good time, but it was good to get home. Edith said she is doing well.

Our little hen drank Gatorade this week. We're hoping she won't lay gator-eggs. If she does, we will have a big-big problem.

I talked to Joe Ralph Edmonds this week. He told me he was 86 years old. Being hot as it is he said to stay inside in the cool. I say a very COOL idea.

My cousin Brenda Trusty, of Chillicothe, Mo., is planning on going to Sedalia State Fair. I'm hoping she goes and has a good time. A good hot temperature is in the air.