Memories spring eternal ...

Monday, June 11, 2007

100 YEARS AGO (1907)

The City Clerk this morning received a telegram from a man in Denver who wanted to know if there were any moving picture shows here. The clerk wired back that there are four: one at the park, one at the Air Dome, and two 5-cent theaters.

Pittsburg, Kas.--This city is dry today for the first time in 15 years, every saloon having closed at midnight upon the order from Mayor Fisher and as a direct result of Attorney General Jackson's crusade.

There is considerable complaint about the sidewalk north of the courthouse and the Board of County Commissioners will be asked to have this walk raised. A rivulet is formed every time it rains.

K.C. Times: It is feared that in "coming out" for a flat twocent rate by the railroads of Kansas, Grant Hornaday has also lost the support of his fellow townsman Colonel Joe Richards of the Missouri Pacific.

75 YEARS AGO (1932)

Although this morning there were detours on all of the three principal highways leading south from Fort Scott, it was promised that, unless it rained again today, two of them would be eliminated by evening. The two referred to are on the straight road and US-73E, where surfacing is underway at railroad crossings on the former at the Frisco and Missouri Pacific crossings just north of Godfrey and on the latter at the Frisco crossing just below Clarksburg Hill. The third detour is necessitated by the fact that a culvert is out on K7 near the corner south of Tubtown. Traffic on K7 is being detoured west on K39 and then south back to K7 over the Tubtown road.

Martin Atkins is a graduate from Northwestern this year and will be home shortly for a visit.

Miss Katherine Newman, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.R.

Newman, will be home tomorrow from Northwestern and is bringing a college friend with her.

50 YEARS AGO (1957)


Koontz) -- Rainfall in Richards during the month of May measured 7.80 inches. And this month up June 4 is 2.30 inches.

June 15 is the date of the annual Richards Alumni banquet to be held in the new building.

Tickets are available at $1 each from secretary John Tompkins.

Photo caption: "Ronnie Graves, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Graves, is shown holding by its halter strap a three-month-old heifer which will be given away Saturday in a drawing climaxing the celebration of June Dairy Month. The calf will be displayed all this week at the Leist Feed & Seed Co., 116 Scott Avenue." Among 422 University of Kansas students named to the spring semester honor roll of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences were the following from Fort Scott: Elaine Morrison, Gary Jay Myers and Kenneth Irby.

25 YEARS AGO (1982)

Letters to the Editor: Simply fantastic! A good and glorious weekend! And the Dear Lord said, "I'll cease with the rain for such a good cause and he did. I for one thank the Good Ol' Days Steering Committee for such a tremendous job well done.--Grace Moore, 510 South Eddy Dear Editor: In a recent letter to the editor from Mrs. Lowry in regard to the postal service in Fort Scott, I want to commend her for her letter which was definitely well stated. I, too, have been one of those many working people who have to do postal errands at noon. They could stagger their hours to speed up the service for the noon hour. Usually there is only one clerk. Or the post office could be re-opened on Saturday mornings. -- Virginia Viel, Fort Scott

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