Memories spring eternal

Wednesday, January 10, 2007



Last night's Kansas City Star says Grant Hornaday is in Topeka working hard for Charley Curtis for United States senator. The Star assumes that Hornaday, in his aspiration to be governor, has figured it out that the powers that make governors of Kansas are also making senators and that is the interest of his candidacy he is in the fight helping them to name Curtis. Up until Mr. Hornaday and Colonel Richards fused, a couple of years ago, Grant was one of the bitterest enemies of Curtis to be found in Kansas. He denounced Curtis as the tool of the railroads and brought all manner of charges against him to defeat him for congress only four years ago. But Grant was fighting Col. Richards then, and the colonel was for Curtis because he was friend of the railroads.

They say that if the warm weather keeps up, Dan Higgins, who has had hopes of skating on the park lake, will open the swimming pools.

They say that because there are now three undertaking establishments in town is no sign that the people want to commence dying off to keep them all busy.



With a nice catch of 21 jack salmon by Dr. C.W. Liggett, Mrs. Liggett, Mrs. Margaret Liggett and son Howard, and Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Nicolay, who spent the weekend on the banks he Osage near Osceola, Mo., the families had a sumptuous repast on fish yesterday. The fish averaged 1 1/2 pounds in weight and had a delicious flavor.

Mrs. D.F. Stout of 8 North Crawford Street entertained the members of the Cheerio Bridge Club at her home. High prize was won by Mrs. Albert Cheney and second by Mrs. George Hare.

District 68--Following is the report of the month of school at Center:

Number enrolled, boys 13; girls, 14. There were no cases of absence or tardiness during the month. We had a half-day to go to the Santa Claus parade and had 100 percent attendance there. Our Rhythm Band performed at the December meeting of the Bourbon County Teachers Association. We are trying to make definite improvements each month in order to become better citizens.



Cattle prices hit the highest mark here in months when veal calves sold at $28.10 a hundred pounds at the Tuesday auction of the Fort Scott Sales Co. The cattle were consigned by Thomas Rutherford of Arma and were purchased by George Sinn, Route 1. Fat hogs sold at $16.70 to $17.00.

Photo caption: "Sam Huff, conservationist, made the presentation of Bankers Awards at the annual district meeting of the Bourbon County Soil Conservation District. The winners include Mitchell George, Charles Bruner, L.C. Emrick, Harold Swisher, Bill George, Howard Dikeman and Ed Graham.

Wallace F. Malone, feed and seed dealer at Hammond, was elected to the board of directors of the Citizens National Bank at the annual stockholders' meeting. Eight other directors were also re-elected. Officers were also elected as follows: C.D. Sample, president; T.M. Givens, vice president; Charles H. Sample, cashier; Charles Gardiner, Frank Cook, Douglas Hudson, Harry Parish and G.W. Marble, directors.



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