Memories spring eternal

Friday, October 20, 2006



In the window of the Cottrell book store there was displayed this week a crayon drawing of W.J. Bryan that was the work of Mrs. Ladie Simonton, and that gives evidence of Mrs. Simonton's rare talent as an artist. When J.I. Sheppard was informed of the picture he laid hands on it and it is now adorning the wall of his office.

Sparks from the Frisco engines started two fires, both north and south of Fulton, J.E. Rader's 40-acre meadow west of the track and also the Fairman farm north of town, incurred considerable damage. Several tons of hay, a good deal of fencing, and several fruit trees were destroyed.

They say that when Harry Ernich builds his new theater he is going to have it so arranged that every man can have an aisle seat. This enables them to stretch their feet, while the ladies will remain cramped between the seats.



With Hiattville Folk:

The following motored to Pawnee Friday afternoon for the ball game: Mrs. Funnell, Dr. Gibbons, Mr. Funnell, Mrs. Carl Lundberg, Mrs. Henry Baker, Mrs. Don Salmon, Miss Embry and Miss Francis. Harold Lundberg took his truck and the older school children went with him. The result was 32 to 25 in favor of Hiattville. Jack Long, of Pawnee, made a home run, and Floyd Gooding, of Hiattville, made three home runs. Mrs. I.P. Routh, Mrs. E.B. Armstrong, Mrs. Forsythe, Mrs. Jake Talbot, Mrs. Simhiser, Mrs. Harold Lundberg, Mrs. H. Pittsenbarger and Miss Sylvia Smith accompanied the drivers listed above, besides the smaller children, as most of the school went.

D.A. Drake, retiring county treasurer, is planning to go back to his farm near Uniontown the first of March. Mr. Drake is one of the men who, after having had a taste of office holding, has had enough sense, when his term of office has expired, to heed the call "back to the soil." The Drake family will spend the winter on the Charles Blubaugh farm, north of Fort Scott, where they have lived during his term of office.



Next week the Ben Franklin store will celebrate its 15th anniversary. With it, L.C. (Larry ) Waite celebrates 15 years as manager of the store. He started with the store in 1941. By 1945 he had bought out all of the other local business men with whom he opened the store and he has been the sole owner since then. Ben Franklin stores are a chain with over 3,000 in the States, Alaska and Hawaii. There are said to be more Ben Franklin variety stores in the United States than there are any other variety stores.

Fort Scott gets a look at microwave cooking.--"Miracle" was the word most commonly used when people witnessed demonstrations of a Kelvinator electronic range this week at the Sullivan Maytag Co.



Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Piotrowski announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Patricia Lou, to Mr. Terry E. West, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert West. A November wedding is planned.

Hazel Tucker and Joyce and Jennifer Lundeen have returned from a cruise to the Bahamas which took them to Nassau, Great Stirrup Cay and Freeport. They went to Disney World and Sea World. Their flight originated in Tulsa where they spent the night with Mr. and Mrs. Mike (Cheryl Schilling) Wright.


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