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The Halloween Blog

Posted Friday, September 26, 2008, at 4:08 PM

I like Halloween.

For the last several years, I haven't really got into the holiday that much. My wife is an avid fan of Halloween (she likes to decorate the house and office with Halloween-themed colors and such) and has been for a long time. It's her favorite holiday.

Me, not so much. I'm much more of a Christmas kind of guy. You know, presents and jollyness and that sort of thing. But the last couple of years, I've kind of started to like Halloween more and I'll tell you why. Here's a few reasons:

* Halloween occurs in late October, when the weather is starting to cool down, but not so cold that you don't want to go outside. And it's not so hot either where you're sweating your butt off. It's just right to go for a walk, or just out on the porch, relax and take in some crisp, fresh air.

* Halloween produces a color combination of black and orange that I find intriguing. The colors sort of coincide with the leaves falling from the trees, and the fact that the evenings get darker earlier starting in the fall. Plus I just like darker colors. And I'm a little weird, which is perfect for Halloween.

* As the parent of a young child, I find myself each year getting into the costume idea search with our son, and then watching his excitement when he finds the costume he wants and sets out on Halloween night for a Trick or Treat adventure.

I also recently ran across a Web site, www.extremehalloween.com, that listed the top Halloween costumes for 2008. The site is operated by people who have a ton of knowledge and experience in the Halloween costume business. You can check out the site for yourself as it features a variety of pretty cool costumes available. I have also listed some of the site's top costumes this year, based on extensive research that creators of the site have done in order to determine the most popular costumes for Halloween, which is right around the corner.

The most popular Halloween costumes for young girls include Hannah Montana, Disney Princess Cinderella, Sharpay End of the School Year (from High School Musical), Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Devil Grrl, Minnie Mouse, Lil Pow Wow Indian, Asian Princess, and Deluxe Pretty Witch. For boys, the most popular costumes include Indiana Jones, Batman Dark Knight, Anakin Skywalker, Deluxe Clone Trooper, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Iron Man, Captain Black Pirate, the Incredible Hulk, Transformers Bumble Bee, and the Evil Jester.

According to the site, top Halloween costumes for teens include Speed Racer, Indian Princess, Poodle Girl, Purple Haze Hippie, Naruto, Red Riding Hood, Sexy Batgirl, Gypsy, Diva of Destiny, Miss Muffet, and Mod Girl. Top adult women costumes include Statue of Liberty, Nightmare Black Widow, Wizard of Oz Dorothy, Go Go Girl, Grecian Goddess, Queen of Atlantis, Scooby Doo Daphne, Snow White, Mother Superior Nun, and Elegant Pirate Lady. Top men's costumes include the Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Clone Trooper, Anakin Skywalker, Sweeney Todd, Disco Man, Love Guru, Deluxe Joker, Uncle Sam, and Scooby Doo Shaggy.

The site also features lists of the most popular baby costumes, couples costumes, sexy costumes, funny costumes, plus-sized costumes, family and group themed costumes, and even a list of top costumes for dogs and cats.

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My fiance is also a fan of decorating the house. In fact, she has this awesome Halloween Tree in the living room. I have my costume picked out, I am going to make a Fred Flintstone costume, it is going to be awesome.

-- Posted by FST_Pommier on Mon, Sep 29, 2008, at 4:45 PM

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