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Driver's Ed

Posted Thursday, December 20, 2007, at 11:06 AM

OK, I've been quiet long enough about some of these things, so I think it's time to let them out. Myself, just like many other people, have to get out in their vehicle each day and brave the madness that is bad drivers. We all see them every day, in fact some of us ARE those people, so it probably wouldn't hurt for some of us to sit back and maybe re-think many of the driving practices we use on a daily basis.

A few complaints and grievances, as famed comedian George Carlin would call them, if you don't mind:

(And for the sake of argument, I've also included possible solutions -- which are very simple I might add -- to these problems that plague many of our daily lives, I'm sure. And by listing these things, I am not just griping and moaning because I can and, because there is a forum to do so. I am also not trying to imply that I am better than anyone else, or put myself up on a pedestal, because I'm human and I make mistakes too. But some mistakes are made out of pure ignorance and/or lack of consideration and can be avoided by taking a little extra time and showing some courtesy. I really feel that some things in life can be improved on if people paid just a little more attention in their daily actions.)

* If you are out driving and you have come to a full stop at a stop sign, and the way is clear; there are absolutely no other vehicles stopped at the intersection, then feel free to go ahead and move into the intersection. Some of us have places to be and people to see and don't have time for Sunday strollers who talk on their cell phones at the wheel, (a whole other story) check the radio, get out the map, survey the scenery, and other tasks while stopped at the intersection. And if you must do these things, at least pick a time and day (preferably a weekend) when people aren't headed to work, lunch and other places during hectic business hours. Stay off the roads during these times! Or at least stick to the frequently less busy side roads. And if you arrived at the intersection first, by all means, move on! Don't wait for me to wave you on. You have the right-of-way, so get going! Don't you hate it when you wave some people on through the intersection but they just sit there with a blank look as if they haven't fully grasped what's going on? It's just plain common sense that it seems many people aren't practicing these days.

* When did many people forget how to use a turn signal? Did I miss something? It's not difficult, it takes a second of your time to flick that lever to indicate which way you will be turning, so the driver behind or in front of you knows which direction you plan to go. And don't you love it when you get behind someone who is driving along at a good pace, and all of a sudden they stop AT the turn and THEN turn on their signal? You didn't expect it, but just like that they decide to turn, as if at that exact moment they realized that's the direction they wanted to go. What happened to turning on the signal well BEFORE the intended turn is made? And some people don't bother to turn it on at all, and just turn in front of you without giving advanced warning, and then peddle along their merry way. These people need to go back to driver's ed, I guess, or study up on their driver's ed manual since apparently it's either been awhile since they've read the rules or they received their driver's license from a Cracker Jack box. Let's practice some safety and alertness and maybe we can avoid some costly and unwanted accidents.

* Subnote to above complaint: Why do people need to exit a parking area or parking space without looking for other pedestrians or cars first? Just the other day, a couple coworkers and myself noticed a car that sped out of the parking lot and up over the sidewalk, out onto the street. Now we weren't in danger of being hit at the time, but what if there had been people walking on the sidewalk, minding their own business, participating in a legal leisure activity, when this inconsiderate driver plows them over in their car because they failed to check for cars or people? It was just pure happenstance that this driver didn't hit anyone or anything on this particular occasion. Maybe next time, luck or chance may not be involved and someone could get seriously hurt, or even killed. It's just nonsense, and it doesn't take very much time to check your mirrors or look behind to make sure the way is clear. It all boils down to safety and an old adage my grandmother used to say all the time; "Consideration for other people." Learn it well and practice it. If more people did, society may be a little safer for all of us.

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And look before backing into traffic rather than just sticking the butt end out for all to see (hopefully in time) and hope there isn't a motorist speeding along in their own little world.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Thu, Dec 20, 2007, at 12:06 PM

"Drivers are rude,

such attitudes,

when I show my piece

complaints cease......

Offspring "bad habit"

-- Posted by like2b_onree on Sat, Dec 22, 2007, at 11:13 AM

Here, here.

I am often amazed at people's driving skills (or the lack thereof). It's like everyone was faking it to get through driver's ed and once they got through it, whoohoo - they can do what they want! Seriously people, it's the peddle on the right to go, the peddle on the left to stop and a flick of a finger to show which way you're turning. Pretty darn easy.

I'm not saying I don't make mistakes now and then. I'm by all means not the best driver in the world or anything, but I hear ya Jason!

-- Posted by Tabatha Goodwin, Special Projects Mgr on Mon, Dec 24, 2007, at 9:53 AM

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