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Maybe Take the Bus

Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2007, at 9:52 AM

There aren't many things going on right now to keep us drivers happy.

The once-again skyrocketing gasoline prices, an increasing number of accidents and fatalities on our roads and highways, and high vehicle property taxes in our state, just to name a few.

Now granted, I don't live that far from where I work, and I usually just have to drive my car from Point A to Point B most of the time. But there are those times when I have to venture out onto National Avenue and Main Street, and even onto the bypass to deal with drivers who seem to have forgotten how to use turn signals, who pull out in front of you, or ride your bumper so close they're almost in your car with you.

But other drivers aren't the only things we have to deal with. Near $3 per gallon gasoline may have many people who live closer to work heading out to the store to purchase a ten-speed to get them where they need to go. But I also know that most people HAVE to drive to work and other destinations, and therefore, buying gas is a must, so that's just a cost we have to incur.

Then there is the issue of road safety, with an increasing number of people being involved in vehicle accidents, where the vehicle is totaled, and sometimes even people are killed. I see a prime example of reckless driving almost each night when I go out on my porch. Now I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood, but on any given night, you can go outside and watch cars flying down the brick street in a residential area at speeds in excess of 50 to 60 miles per hour. I'm not kidding. And the speed limit on our block is 30 miles per hour. This is an example of pure ignorance and inconsideration for other people.

Too often, on one of our periodic trips to Pittsburg, Joplin, or wherever, my family and I see people flying past us on the highway traveling at what seems like ludicrous speeds, and I just sit back and think, "Oh well, let them get the speeding ticket. I'll just keep going the speed limit." But that rarely happens, and what usually happens is that you run into that person a few miles down the road at an intersection or traffic light. And then I think, "Oh really? You should have gotten where you were going a long time ago, as fast as you were driving!"

It just seems senseless to me that someone would risk their lives, or someone else's life, to get somewhere a couple of minutes earlier. If you're in that big of a rush, leave the house a little earlier! But please, keep in mind that you're sharing the road with other people; many of them people with families.

Which brings me to vehicle property taxes, which unfortunately, we can't do much about. Either pay them or lose your beloved vehicle, I guess.

Now while I probably won't be running out anytime soon to purchase a new bicycle, and I'll just keep putting along in my worn-out 200,000 plus miles car, I still have to say there's just not really anything out there to keep me and my fellow drivers happy. If we don't want to drive, I guess there's only a few options for us; walk, get out the bike, dust off the old skateboard, or possibly take advantage of the public transportation system. But those probably aren't even options in today's society.

But maybe...just maybe...we can take the bus.

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I learned my lesson about trying to get somewhere faster the hard way. I was on my way home from work, going South on U.S. 69, I passed this car, I was going probably around 75 as I was passing it, no more than 1-2 minutes later I got pulled over, and I just know the people in that car that I passed were laughing their tails off at me. I no longer drive any faster than 5 over the speed limit. It's still speeding, but you can usually get away with 5 over. Knock on wood.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Tue, Apr 24, 2007, at 9:56 AM

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