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Conquering fears and tackling dreams

Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2009, at 12:44 PM

Looking back, I see a timid and shy little girl who was afraid of everything, and as time went on little by little, I was dying inside.

Finding myself at a crossroads, I knew I had better choose my direction wisely because I had three small children to take care of. Neither I nor the children could continue on the road we had been traveling.

So I chose. My choice left me jobless and homeless, but I mustered up all the courage I could muster and stepped out in faith.

Knowing I had to make life better for my children, I began digging my way out of what seemed to be a huge dark pit.

Finding a job was one of the first tasks I had to take care of in order for me and the children to survive. I thank God for opening the door for me to gain employment at the Tribune for it was here that I would learn to live again.

Starting out in the front office as the Tribune receptionist, I instantaneously bonded with my co-workers. They quickly became more than just the people I worked with. They even surpassed just being called my friends. They became my family.

Their constant encouragement, which sometimes came in the form of a kick in the butt from Teresa, helped me gain the confidence I needed to overcome .

This group of people constantly stood behind me urging me forward and helping me gain new found strength. Little by little, I began to conquer fears and overcome each battle that I faced.

I still remember the day Robin Hixon, the Tribune's editor when I was a receptionist, told me that she wanted me to write for her. Although I completely lacked the confidence to make such a move, with another kick in the behind from Teresa and lots of encouragement from my other co-workers I began my journalism career.

Even though I have made a few mistakes during my time as a reporter, for the most part, I think it has gone well. I know that it has certainly opened doors for me to forge friendships with many people throughout Bourbon County. That alone has made my time spent in the newsroom worthwhile. In addition, in April, I discovered one of my articles earned me third place in the Kansas Press Association 2009 Awards of Excellence. This also made me feel good about the job I had been doing.

I will ever be grateful for my Tribune family. The love and encouragement they have shown me helped turn a timid, shy little girl who was afraid of everything into a confident woman who is ready to tackle her dreams!

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You go girl!

I admire your perseverance and talents!

Keep up the good work!

A Friend, Sugar

-- Posted by Sugar on Thu, Aug 13, 2009, at 10:03 AM

Rayma, God has indeed blessed you.

You are a testament of the grace God has given us, and of your perseverance to overcome unsurmountable odds with the help of your friends (I know, as we went through them with you).

Keep looking forward, we love you and the kids (I miss seeing them every week}. God has great things in store for you in the future.

-- Posted by pastoral on Sat, Sep 19, 2009, at 6:30 PM

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