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Healing comes in time

Posted Wednesday, February 27, 2008, at 2:30 PM

As is the case with many wounds, healing often comes slowly and gradually.

Several years ago, I received a deep laceration on my finger. The gaping wound seemed to take forever to heal. I continuously applied ointment and bandages to the afflicted area in an effort to coax it to heal. After several days of thinking that it would never heal, I unwrapped the bandage to find a remarkable difference in its appearance. It seemed strange to me that this wound, which didn't seem to be making any progress, had, all of the sudden, changed so drastically. After that, I could see healing in the cut on a daily basis. The healing happened slowly, but it was there. Eventually, though the wound was not completely mended, I did not need to bandage it anymore. After that, I only noticed the cut when I would accidentally bump it on something, causing it to throb. As a little more time went by, I realized one day that I hadn't even thought about the wound on my finger for quite sometime. I looked down to see how it was doing and was amazed that the wound was completely healed.

In life, we, sometimes go through circumstances, which leave wounds on our spirit. Although the wounds may differ in depth, they all need to heal in order for us to continue to live healthy and happy lives.

With the proper care, even wounds of the heart will heal; however, just as the gash on my finger seemed to take a long time to begin the healing process, a slashed heart and broken spirit can take years to mend. I believe that those people who want the healing to occur will one day examine their lives and realize that the healing process has begun. As I have done many times in my lifetime, those who are hurting will look back over time and be able to see little evidences that their wounds are improving; that things are getting better. I don't think that it matters how quickly the healing takes place; rather, I believe, it only matters that the condition of the heart is progressing away from the negative and closer to the positive.

Although the wound on my finger has healed, I still bare a scar from the incident. That scar constantly reminds me that even though the healing process may be slow, there are no wounds that will not mend eventually. No matter how badly we are wounded, we will recover. We cannot tell how long the recovery process will take, but eventually each wound inflicted upon us will heal, leaving only a small scar that will serve to remind us of where we have been and how far we have come.

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