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Tangled, Twisted and Knotted

Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2008, at 9:47 AM

Last night I discovered a ball of yarn that somehow had been wound into one giant knot. As I picked up the yarn to inspect the knot and make a determination as to whether the yarn could be saved or should simply be discarded, I suddenly realized that sometimes our lives can parallel the knotted up yarn.

In order to untie the many knots that had somehow worked their way into the once flawless skein of yarn, I had to gently work one string at a time over and under other strings until finally after an hour of consistent hard work, I had the knot completely out.

I have noticed that life can be the same way. It is rare for a person to never have difficulties which call for some problem solving. Mistakes are often made, which cause life to become even more entangled. If we are not careful, our lives end up a gigantic mess of twists, tangles and knots.

Just as it took me a long time of consistently working with the tangled yarn last night, it can sometimes take us a long time of consistently working with the tangles in life in order to make things better. Although making life better can take a long time and sometimes become very difficult, it is entirely possible to do.

Last night, I had to remain determined that I was going to get the knots out of the ball of yarn. My success only occurred because I was dedicated to the improvement of the yarn's condition. That is what we need to be successful in life -- dedicated to the improvement of our lives.

Even if our lives become a tangled mess, it is important for us to realize that there is always hope. Only when we voluntarily give up hope does hope cease to exist.

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