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The Night Before Christmas

Posted Monday, December 24, 2007, at 2:34 PM

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the place

Confusion ran rampant in every corner; every space.

Aunt Ida was sleep walking again this year,

Mixing up what was to be our holiday cheer.

The packages had been carefully wrapped and tagged,

But after Ida was finished they had all been reflagged.

The children were excited the next morning to see

What Santa had left for them under the tree.

Two-year-old Suzy opened a gold-colored present;

A candle and potpourri with a lavender scent.

Aunt Betty was confused when she opened her box.

It held the cutest little toddler-sized bunny socks.

Cousin Teddy's surprise shone on his face

As he dangled men's underwear all over the place.

The baby was helped by his mom and dad

to open a brand new electric hot pad.

And probably the kicker; the gift that was best

Was one that Grandpa draped across his broad chest.

A blankie with teddy bears made of soft fluffy pink

Caused his mouth to drop open and eyes to blink

A chuckle was heard from across the room

Followed by "Ida was sleep walking, I assume."

Grandma could barely get the words to be heard

She was laughing so hard they came out all slurred.

The laughter was catching; it spread to everyone

Tears rolled down Grandma's face before she was done.

Christmas morning was full of laughter and fun

Because of the sleep walking that Ida had done.

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