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Posted Monday, September 10, 2007, at 12:04 PM

Readers beware! Somewhere in this great town of ours lies a thief. I know this may be hard for you to believe, but it is true. I would not state it otherwise.

Friday night, when I arrived home from work, is when I was thumped in the head by the realization that a thief was in the midst of our town.

The victims of the thief's attack were several.

The first victim of the crime was my dog. My poor, sweet little Daisy May! Someone came into my yard and nabbed her. I am still having a hard time believing that someone would do such a thing. It reminds me of the words to the song played at the skating rink when skaters are taking part in the "Limbo."

"How low can you go?"

Maybe someone did not realize that she belonged to three children who love her dearly. This makes them three more victims crushed by the crime of a heartless thiefster (okay, I know thiefster is not really a word, but it fits in this case). My children are very broken by the disappearance of their friend. Why is it that innocent children are the ones who must pay for other people's mistakes? Neither my children nor my dog did anything to harm anyone. Why must they be punished?

Maybe the culprit did not realize the fragilness of my children at this point in their lives. Of course not, it would be impossible for a mere stranger to know all the details of my children's broken home, or the joy that a new dog brought to them in the midst of the painfulness of having to build a new life.

Well, I do hope that who ever decided to help themselves to my children's best friend, is treating her well. If you are reading this and you have our dog, please know that her name is Daisy May. Since we were scheduled to give Daisy a bath this last weekend, please make sure she gets her necessary grooming.

Most of all, who ever you are, please return Daisy to our house. Daisy is a rat-terrier mix. She is black and white, and was taken from the stateline area.

My children miss her very much and would love to have her returned.

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