From the Bleachers by Scott Nuzum en-us What's the problem with hopping on the bandwagon? Nothing. Sometime late last night or in the early-morning hours, I saw a Facebook post which said, essentially, that the poster would be glad when this World Series was over because then all those who have jumped on the Kansas City Royals bandwagon would get back off and the true fans could have their team back. His post was immediately pounced on by his friends and he later apologized for harboring that sort of feeling. ("Pounced" may be kind of harsh. "Gently corrected" might be better) But here's... Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:38:30 -0500 Meet Belle I've done a lot of things since February 23, but I don't think any of them can top the feeling I have after what I did on Saturday. While I was in Pittsburg with one of my friends, we stopped and looked at some bulldog pups. They were awesome but not $900 worth of awesome. Seriously, the guy selling them out of the back of his truck expected people to pull up and just happen to have 900 bucks to plop down? I've been wanting a dog for a long, long time (I couldn't because I lived in an... Tue, 02 Jun 2009 17:57:46 -0500 Will you watch the Watchmen? I don't blog much. I get busy. Really busy. I also don't blog because I don't believe in blogging for the sake of blogging. I feel I should blog only when I feel something is important enough to bring to readers' attention. Lacking that, I'm going to blog about the Watchmen movie, which comes out Friday (March 6). In many cases, a book is turned into a movie. "Watchmen" was a series of comic books in the mid-1980s that was reprinted in one volume in the format now known as the graphic... Wed, 04 Mar 2009 23:43:12 -0600 A bit of a policy change Sometimes I don't get to see the game in person because of deadline issues. Last night (Tuesday, the 6th), this may have led to printing inaccurate stats in the paper. Although I know there are many of you who appreciate seeing the stats of all the basketball games, from this time on there will be reduced stats on games I don't personally attend in order to reduce the chance of an error appearing in the paper or on the Web site. The point totals in Tuesday's Tiger games appear to have... Wed, 07 Jan 2009 23:16:17 -0600 In the press box at Arrowhead As write this, I am sitting in the press box at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs PR people aren't sure what the NFL policy on blogging is during games, so I thought I should get this out of the way before kickoff. It's 11:45 p.m. and the stadium appears to be half empty. Maybe there will be some who come in late, but I doubt the stadium will be full today. I've heard some Chiefs fans say for a while that the only way for Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards to "get the message" is to stop going to... Sun, 02 Nov 2008 11:47:18 -0600 Face of the Chiefs doesn't let circumstances dictate performance Sports Editor's Note: This appeared in the print edition as a commentary, but on the Web site, it seems to best fit in as a blog. Let me start off by saying I am not a Kansas City Chiefs fan. In fact, Jason Silvers and former employee Michael Glover would tell you I hate them. I don't hate them; they're just not my favorite team. But it gets their goat when I act like a hater. I grew up a Houston Oilers fan. My first memories of the NFL basically go back to Earl Campbell's rookie year and... Mon, 20 Oct 2008 23:25:48 -0500 Thanks, KSN! A shout out goes to the fine folks at KSN as they broadcast NBC's coverage of the Olympic Games. I would like to thank KSN for putting on those big, honking ads that cover the bottom one-fifth of the screen every once in a while that always seem to appear right on top of a graphic that has important information! This is why I've been watching KSHB since about day two. But I can always tell when I didn't pay attention as I was flipping through and stopped on KSN because at the top and bottom... Sat, 16 Aug 2008 15:45:13 -0500 Hoping for the crash and burn Great, he's a Jet now. Can he just go away? Brett Favre has tarnished his reputation forever in my mind. He had an almost-perfect ending to his storied career and then he decided to be wishy-washy about his retirement. My respect for him is gone. I now have a desire to see him throw twice as many interceptions as touchdowns and lose his starting job after a poor performance against the Rams in Week 10. When it happens, I will laugh. I will throw out 10,000 "I told you so"s. I will... Wed, 06 Aug 2008 23:35:16 -0500 The Quest for Powder Blue NOTE: This was originally presented as a commentary in Saturday's Herald-Tribune. The follow-up to the trip is added at the end of the blog. As you read this fine piece of literary commentary, reporters Michael Glover and Jason Silvers and I are at least halfway to Kansas City, Mo., to brave harsh elements and a throng of people who will no doubt be crushing through the gates at Kauffman Stadium hours before the first pitch tonight. To see the Royals? Um, no, not really. I mean, they'll be... Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:39:16 -0500 The villian makes the play worth the trip. I went to see a play Saturday night. I couldn't get out of Nevada after editing the Sunday edition in time to go to Independence to see the FSCC basketball games, so a friend of mine. Laura, and I decided to go to a play at another high school in the region. The drama department chair at this high school, Heather, was a friend of mine in college and she's been sending out mass e-mails for the past couple of years promoting her plays. I was always kind of flattered that she would extend me such... Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:35:26 -0600 Opened eyes Brent Lewis has a lot to say. You might know that name. He's a freshman attending Fort Scott Community College from Kansas City, Kansas. He plays fullback for the football team. And he says being here has opened his eyes. I've wondered when people point out the positives about Fort Scott, such as how "It's a wonderful place to bring up your kids," or "There's good people here," if that's just said because we live/have moved into/have returned to Fort Scott. How much of this is simply lip... Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:51:14 -0600 Orphaned records When I came into the office Thursday morning, there was an fax (several, actually, as either ours or the sender's had some sort of malfunction) which contained an article from April 29, 1978. The story was about the Fort Scott Middle School track team, which had just won the SEK-East League championship. This team had a great season and scored 121 points in the league meet. The article said that the rest of the league put together -- four teams -- scored 97 points. The person who submitted it... Thu, 17 Jan 2008 11:24:09 -0600 The B.C.Mess College football no longer makes sense to me. As I was driving home from Willard Saturday night, alternating between listening to No. 1 Missouri blow the Big 12 championship and my satellite radio listening to No. 2 West Virginia choke against Pittsburgh, I came to the realization that Ohio State was going to be rewarded for sitting around doing nothing for two weeks and that Missouri was going to be penalized not necessarily for losing but for **when they lost. I actually got sort of... Mon, 03 Dec 2007 15:38:11 -0600 Playing to win Okay, how many of you are on the Fort Scott Greyhound bandwagon? How many of you are waiting until after this weekend? Just checking. ---- I've heard a couple of people talk about how the Greyhounds run plays at the end of a game playing, "not to lose." I don't know about you, but I think there are differing opinions of what "playing not to lose" is. When the Greyhounds are running plays near the end of a game that seem to be doing nothing because they're only gaining two or three years,... Wed, 10 Oct 2007 14:24:22 -0500 The kicker?? So I watched the Chiefs loss Sunday. Some people in our news room think I watched with glee since I'm a Texans fan. But truthfully, I'm indifferent to the plight of the Chiefs. However, I am amused by the first move after the loss to the Texans: Cut the kicker. Byron Leftwich is out there and would certainly upgrade the quarterbacking situation. And maybe it will take a game or two more for Larry Johnson to get on track. But somehow, it's been determined that missing a 30-yard field goal... Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:37:28 -0500 When would YOU go for two? Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel said his two-point chart told him to go for two points after the Tigers took a 13-6 lead on Illinois Saturday afternoon. I've heard of this chart. It's made so that a coach can just glance at it and know when to go for the two-point conversion instead of kicking the ball for one. The only thing about this was that I had not heard of a chart that's told a coach to go for two when he was already ahead by seven. Later in the week, Pinkel said that his... Wed, 05 Sep 2007 15:13:14 -0500 Of Hank and Barry, Priest and LarryÂ… Who will be your home-run king when Barry Bonds passes Hank Aaron? It's a good question for a sports poll. I ought to change it when I get done with this blog. But, anyway, will your home run champion be Barry Bonds, who will be the champion by the numbers, or Hank Aaron, who will be the champion in most of the hearts of the people? Interesting thought, isn't it? ---- Priest Holmes wants to play? Who else here senses an ulterior motive? Is Holmes coming back because he thinks... Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:00:36 -0500 Feeling a little bummed? Go here: I guarantee there will be *something* to cheer you up (updated daily with clean humor). Tue, 10 Jul 2007 12:03:34 -0500 511 is a Joke (Or: Somehow, I Survived the Flood, Take 2) Last Sunday morning, I blogged about my experience trying to get through southeast Kansas before floodwaters came up high enough to strand me out in the middle of nowhere. Basically, in trying to beat the Neosho River to flood stage, I ended up taking a one-hour detour to Yates Center. Someone presented an opposing viewpoint and I took it the wrong way, which was why I dropped the blog. I was convinced that I was being insensitive to the plight of those who were actually caught in the... Thu, 05 Jul 2007 18:29:47 -0500 A Sight for Sore Eyes Last Saturday (June 16) when I was covering the fundraising baseball tournament for Fort Scott Community College's baseball program, I looked at the scoreboardÂ…and I could not tell what the heck it was saying. And considering that I was *running* the scoreboard at the time, that's a pretty bad thing. Here's the problem: So many lights are either burned out permanently or stuck on permanently that it makes the scoreboard difficult to read. And for that to be the scoreboard on the field that... Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:16:57 -0500