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Of Hank and Barry, Priest and Larry…

Posted Monday, July 30, 2007, at 2:00 PM

Who will be your home-run king when Barry Bonds passes Hank Aaron?

It's a good question for a sports poll. I ought to change it when I get done with this blog.

But, anyway, will your home run champion be Barry Bonds, who will be the champion by the numbers, or Hank Aaron, who will be the champion in most of the hearts of the people?

Interesting thought, isn't it?

Priest Holmes wants to play? Who else here senses an ulterior motive?

Is Holmes coming back because he thinks he'll get a chance to play as long as Larry Johnson is holding out?

Is he coming back because he knows he can guarantee a year's pay if he hangs on long enough?

Is he coming back, hoping to force the Chiefs to cut him so he can go somewhere else (Dallas would be my guess) and get a better contract?

Is he back at Carl Peterson's beck and call, to try and generate the Chiefs some negotiating leverage as Johnson holds out?

Something about this whole thing stinks to high heaven with me.

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Priest Holmes doesn't have to play at all this year to get paid. he'll be making around $800,000 reguardless.

Here's why he's coming back, I think it's two-fold. Holmes has too much pride and ego to be forced into retirement via the vicious hit he suffered from Shawne Merriman in 2005. He wants to go out on his terms, not through another player's.

Also, Priest may have worked out some sort of compensation deal with HBO and NFL Films. HBO is returning for their reality/documentary series when they cover an NFL team during training camp. This year, it's the Chiefs!! I know Priest isn't a real public guy, but, for a price, I bet he'll be one for NFL Films and HBO.

maybe i'm way off, but it's a possiblity.

That thing he said about him having a dream of playing football. I don't believe that for a second.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Mon, Jul 30, 2007, at 6:03 PM

glovers comments on holmes are right on target.

Concerning Baseball a record is a record, unless there is a reason to invalidate it or legitimately discredit it, such as proof of steroid abuse.

If Barry Bonds is the man, then he IS the man!

Anyway that's the way I see it!

-- Posted by like2b_onree on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 12:33 AM

Love him or hate him (and it seems many people outside of S.F. feel the latter), when Barry Bonds breaks the home run record, he will be the all-time home run champion. Period. End of story. Steroid cloud or no steroid cloud, he got there through all the hatred against him, the media's often negative portrayal of him (although he sometimes hasn't been exactly media-friendly), and more than 20 long exhausting baseball seasons.

I may be one of the few people who cheer him, but I just think he should go down as one of the greatest baseball players of all time because of what he has accomplished on the field through the years, and all the steroid suspicion in the world does not amount to solid proof that Bonds even used steroids.

Now granted, he did bulk up quite a bit over the last 10 years or so, so there is no doubt he probably used some performance enhancing substance, but guess what? So did McGwire (when he broke Maris' record in '98), Canseco, Palmeiro, Giambi, Schilling (I don't care what he says) and countless others, many of whom appeared in the Congressional hearings a couple years ago.

There have also been many other players in baseball and other pro sports over the years who have been fined, suspended, and received other penalties for PROOF of illegal substance use. But there HAS to be PROOF. And so far, it hasn't happened to Bonds....yet anyway.

So Bonds is being singled out because he's chasing one of the most prestigious records in sports. Like I said in a previous blog back in April, if you go after Bonds and take all his numbers away, you have to get these other guys, and then what? If you start nailing all these guys who cheated in baseball, then you're talking about hundreds, maybe thousands of guys over the years. The sport would be dead then in my opinion.

Concerning the Hall of Fame and players who cheated, I'm sure the Hall is full of guys who gambled (although the exclusion of Pete Rose, a guy who should definitely be there, is a complete laugh) cheated, put illegal substances on the ball, drank, smoked, partied, chased women, cursed and didn't exactly set a role model example (Even though they might have still said their prayers and took their vitamins). But that doesn't change the fact that they're in the Hall of Fame, does it? But Bonds, a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer, may not get in even if it's never been proven he used steroids or not..is there a problem with that?

I agree with Glover's take on the subject of Priest Holmes. I'll just be glad to see the Chiefs all-time leading rusher running again this year, in a Chiefs uniform! There's no doubt money is an issue for him, but that's what professional sports is these days, a big-money business, and few players can turn down the million dollar dream.

-- Posted by scsa316 on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 8:55 AM

I may never be able to appreciate Barry Bonds and what he has and will accomplish. The steroid ordeal gave him a bad name for a long time.

I really want to see Priest back in action. I hope he will stay with the Chiefs. In a way, he owes it to the fans. I don't want to see him be out for this long and return only to go somewhere else.

Money should not be such an issue. What these guys make on the field in a matter of days would put me out of debt and very content.

-- Posted by staceya on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 2:28 PM

Barry Bonds is a fraud. My home run king will forever be Michael Jordan. I know of at least three he hit while in the minor league. And he did that with no help from performance enhancing drugs.

As far as Priest Holmes goes, I think he's just trying to pull a Michael Jordan.

As for Larry Johnson, I think people call him LJ because it's close to MJ and deep down everybody wants to be like Mike.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 3:41 PM

It's true what the Union said, "Everybody wants to be like Mike." I couldn't agree more.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 3:54 PM

Yeah...everyone wants to be like Mike, especially The Union Forever, or should I say, the traitorous Brett Dalton, Esquire?

Dalton always compares everyone who ever lived to the immortal MJ - whom no other sport figure or any other notable person will ever possibly be able to measure up to. Although the 3 homers he hit in the minors are meaningless, and who knows that MJ didn't use steroids or performance enhancing durgs in his playing days? I mean, normal people can't jump four feet in the air and and then fly several feet through it without some kind of help....so there might be an argument there ( and knowing Dalton, there will be.)

Speaking of MJ, I wonder how the immortal one will try to get the spotlight next? It's been a few years since he's been out of the public eye and I'm sure MJ is yearning for attention from the media. Professional hockey? Rugby? Soccer? Tennis? Tiddlywinks? Horseshoes?....no, I got it...next stop for MJ is playing in the 2008 World Series of Poker, or maybe he'll try to sneak onto "Deal or No Deal" for a little face time.

-- Posted by scsa316 on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 4:09 PM

It's true what stone cold 3:16 stated. MJ needs the spotlight again. what will he do to get it? I'm thinking maybe a reality TV show that follows MJ around his house and to the golf course everyday. "Shaq has a reality show, why can't I have one," MJ is thinking.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 4:13 PM

Um, yeah, this was the sort of discussion I expected to happen when I wrote this =o\

-- Posted by scottnuzum on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 5:12 PM

I have a great idea for a reality show for MJ. How about one where he visits a small town in southeast Kansas and beats the crap out of the two male reporters in the town? I'm thinking Silvers & Glover vs MJ in a Punjab Prison Match!!!

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Wed, Aug 1, 2007, at 10:03 AM

Oh, and one more thing, scsa316. You said "normal people can't jump four feet in the air and and then fly several feet through it without some kind of help." Well, you're exactly right. "Normal people" can't do that. Then again, "normal people" also don't win six titles, six finals mvps, five league mvps, 10 scoring titles - including seven straight before leaving for baseball, three all-star game mvps and then go on to run a $500 million shoes and apparel company while helping run an NBA team.

If ya smelllllllelelelel..what Barack....is cookin'.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Wed, Aug 1, 2007, at 10:10 AM

funny stuff guys! i missed a lot the week i was on vacation!

first off...who cares if priest or larry johnson plays. the chiefs are still going to suck.

secondly, michael jordan is the greatest and always will be the greatest. even if its playing cricket or rugby.

lastly, barry bonds didn't hit 754 home runs because of steroids. steroids dont make a person hit homeruns...it might help but there still has to be a wee bit of talent there. who cares.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Fri, Aug 3, 2007, at 12:29 AM

"first off...who cares if priest or larry johnson plays. the chiefs are still going to suck."

Well said, Mr. Felt.

"secondly, michael jordan is the greatest and always will be the greatest. even if its playing cricket or rugby."

Even better said, Mr. Felt.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Fri, Aug 3, 2007, at 11:08 AM

OK..I agree with K-Felt's comments on Bonds...there has to be some talent and skill there to hit 754 career home runs..and chances are he didn't hit all those homers while using steroids, IF he did, in fact, use steroids. (Maybe half of them or something, but who cares?) He's still a multiple time Gold Glove winning left fielder and All-Star, who also maintained a high career BA. And yes, he's getting older and he's not as good as he was even five years ago, but age and injuries have slowed him down.

So he hasn't won a World Series, but some of the best pro athletes in history never won a championship either. Maybe he's not the friendliest guy in the world, but he lets his actions speak for him on the field.

As far as MJ being the greatest at anything he does..come on! Give me a break! A career .202 hitter in the MINOR leagues!! Jeez, apparently MJ is not the GREATEST at everything he does. And cricket and rugby are probably just as difficult, if not more so, than playing baseball. That was a bad career move. Greatest basketball player ever to hit the court? Now there's no doubt about that..that's a given. I guess only time will tell if we find out if he's great at anything else.

-- Posted by scsa316 on Fri, Aug 3, 2007, at 2:26 PM

What was your batting average in the minor leagues?

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Fri, Aug 3, 2007, at 3:14 PM

I'm not trying to pretend like I can PLAY in the minor leagues! Or trying my hand at any other pro sports for that matter- I'm not a pro athlete. But I bet I could have hit left-handed in the minors and still hit better than .202!

-- Posted by scsa316 on Fri, Aug 3, 2007, at 3:41 PM

I'd say a majority of major league hitters are batting .250. I bet hitting a baseball traveling 90+ mph has to be one of the hardest things to do in all of sports.

You're right, MJ sucked at baseball, and I heard he sucks even worse at golf.

MJ yearns for a piece of all the attention Barry Bonds' is currently receiving. It wouldn't suprise me if MJ tried to steal him a piece of the lime light and announce his return to the NBA.

I can see the headline right now: Jordan returns to play for Memphis Grizzlies.

Jordan will return only to miss dunks like he did during is playing days with the Wizards.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Fri, Aug 3, 2007, at 4:21 PM

Well, this thing has been hopelessly derailed. =o/

Okay, look...

1) Michael Jordan is the greatest shooting guard ever. No dispute there, right? Is he the greatest *basketball player* ever? Well, Wilt Chamberlain and Magic Johnson would like to have a word with you, Dalton.

2) Steroids, I don't believe, will improve your eyesight, No matter how juiced you are, you still have to hit the ball. All the steroids in the world might have helped Dave Kingman reach 600 home runs, but he still would have had a career batting average of about .230.

3) Yeah, the Chiefs suck but at least you're not Texans fans (Though I could jump back on the Titans' bandwagon this season...we'll see).

-- Posted by scottnuzum on Sat, Aug 4, 2007, at 12:06 PM

barry bonds will be the king of the tater. at least for 4-5 years when Alex Rodriguez breaks it....unless his wife kills him first for his off the field shenanigans.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Sat, Aug 4, 2007, at 12:47 PM

For starters, Mr. Nuzum, how do you know the chiefs suck or will suck this year. There's no way of knowing right now.

All I have to say about steroids and baseball is that they turn an average player into a good player, a good player into a great player, and a great player into a superstar.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Sat, Aug 4, 2007, at 9:12 PM

well bonds just tied the record. . .

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Sat, Aug 4, 2007, at 10:50 PM

Nuzum.....you've been sucking on that inhaler a little too much.

Neither Magic nor Wilt, nor Bird, nor Dr. J, nor Kobe, nor Lebron, nor anybody holds a candle to Michael Jordan. To say Jordan was the best "shooting guard" ever, while is ultimately true, it's an insult to the legend. During Jordan's final three years with the Bulls, he was by far the best post-up player in the NBA. Yes, he was a guard, but nobody, including Hakeem, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, etc. had the post-up game Jordan did. That fade away jumper was the most unguardable shot/move in all of basketball. Phil Jackson even said it himself that MJ was the best post-up player in the NBA. There was nothing the man couldn't do with a basketball.

The same cannot be said, however, about Magic or Wilt, who you alluded to earlier. Magic was nowhere near the scorer or defender Michael was. And Wilt, had he not been a foot taller than everybody else, would have been above average at best. They both had mad game, no doubt about it, but there hasn't been one single NBA player, either now or then, that has the complete, all-around game as Michael Jordan. He could shoot, get to the basket, play point guard, distribute the ball, he was the best defender in the league, and there was nothing anybody could do to stop him. He took two different teams on his back and carried them to 3-peats. (And yes, I know, he has Scottie all six times, so don't even start that.)

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player that has ever played in the NBA. Magic would tell you the same thing. If Wilt was alive and wasn't busy making babies, he'd say the same thing, too.


Now to you, Mr. Glover. As far as MJ wanting the spotlight, he could surely have it if he truly wanted it.

There isn't a sports journalist alive that wouldn't want an interview or picture of MJ if Jordan went looking for it. He could be on the cover to TIME, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, GQ, Wheaties Boxes...he could be on 60 Minutes, Dateline NBC, Sportscenter, you name it....he could do all that tomorrow if he really wanted attention. MJ still means ratings. His legend will never die. So if there is ever a time where MJ decides he needs the world to look at him again, you'll know it. Because the world will drop what it's doing to listen to MJ talk.


Oh and Silvers....well, lay off Jordan's baseball stint....his dad had just died, dude.... :)

Peace my brothers

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Sun, Aug 5, 2007, at 10:37 AM

Dalton, you're cult worshiping of MJ has clouded your judgement.

MJ, plain and simple, is a has been. He time in the spotlight has gone out. Lights out. Darkness.

No journalist wants to interview MJ. What would they question him about? I got it, maybe his awesome golf game or how comfortable his Hanes underwear fits?

I know what they talk about: How Tiger Woods is eclipsing his legacy as the greatest sports star in history. I think Tiger has already passed Jordan in that department.

BTW, if Jordan really is the greatest player ever, then how come he never led the Wizards to the playoffs or a championship or even a winning record. He didn't have Scottie. But the real reason: He's not the greatest player ever.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 10:51 AM

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." -- Abraham Lincoln

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 11:09 AM

Dalton, my inhaler allows me to overcome my asthma and improve blood flow to my brain, speaking of which, your blind idol worship of MJ clearly indicates a lack of oxygen flowing to yours.

If MJ had been on the same Laker teams that Magic played with, he would not have needed to score as much, either. Kareem, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes...they were no slouches and Kareem was a REAL center, so Magic didn't need to post up although he did quite a nice job of it in game six of the 1980 finals. 42, 15, seven and three steals. The numbers tell the story.

-- Posted by scottnuzum on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 11:23 AM

Nuzum, everything you said it exactly, 100 percent true...well, except for the lack of oxygen thing.

Magic is a legend, no doubt about it. Possibly the second-greatest NBA player of all time.

But him and Bird couldn't tie MJ's Air Jordans.

I love a little friendly debate, but this isn't even fair. There has never been anybody better on a basketball court than Michael Jordan.


Oh, and Glover, I'll give you that Tiger Woods is probably the biggest sports star right now. And yes, his earnings will by far surpass what MJ made in basketball, mostly because golfers' careers last much longer than any real athlete's career.

But to say he'll be the greatest sports star in history? That's pushing it man.

Do remember, he's still just a golfer.

And as far as MJ's Wizards stint goes, that's not a fair argument. The guy was pushing 40. Even the greatest can't be the greatest forever.

Gretzky and Ali both got old, too.

Despite his age however, MJ did drop 50 and 40 point games with the Wizards. First 40 year old player to score 40 points in a game. The fact that every arena MJ went to during those final years gave him long standing ovations proves he's the greatest, most popular athlete in the world.

Hell, the Miami Heat retired MJ's number, and he never played for Miami.



Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time, but will not be remembered as the greatest athlete in history. Jordan and Ali will forever be ahead of him.

And Magic Johnson was great, but not MJ great.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 11:45 AM

EVERY TEAM retired Gretzky's number. Wot's yer point?

And Magic...the SECOND greatest player? Did Michael Jordan ever play ALL FIVE positions in ANY single game, much less game five of the NBA Finals...AS A ROOKIE!

Keep bringin' it, Dalton. I'll whack that ego down every time.

-- Posted by scottnuzum on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 3:11 PM

Did Magic ever win league MVP, the scoring title, defensive player of the year and all-star game MVP in one season?

Did Magic ever win the scoring championship 10 times, including seven straight?

Did Magic ever three-peat....twice?

Did Magic ever drop 63 on Boston in the playoffs? Or 69 on Cleveland?

Did Magic ever hit 13 consecutive shots in an NBA Finals game...probably not, but MJ did...against Magic and the Lakers in 1991.

Was Magic the Finals MVP every time he got to one?

Did Magic win five league MVPs?

I could go on for days, Nuzum.... :)

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 3:17 PM

Did MJ ever drop 80 pts. in a game like Kobe?

If Kobe ever gets a couple of additional all-stars to join him, he will surpass MJ's mark of six titles.

-- Posted by michaelglover on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 3:50 PM

kobe might be able to score 10,839 points in a game but he'll never mirror jordan's ability to win the big game or have the class that jordan had while in the league.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 3:58 PM

I don't know what it says that this is the most-commented upon blog in Tribune Web site history and 97 percent of the comments are from current or former staffers. =o/

-- Posted by scottnuzum on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 4:20 PM

Kobe won't win another title with the Lakers. As I've said before, he should thank his lucky stars every night that he got to ride along with Shaq to three titles. Now maybe if he can work a trade to go to an Eastern Conference team, he may have a shot. But the Lakers are too far away from having the money to pay another big time player, and more importantly, the West is too good for the Lakers. The Suns, Mavericks, Spurs, and probably even the Nuggets are better than the Lakers. And don't forget, Kobe isn't exactly a young gun anymore. He's pushing 30, which in today's NBA, is getting up there. He won't continue to score at his current pace for more than two more years or so. Now, of course, Jordan never had a drop off in production while he was with the Bulls, but again, Kobe is no MJ.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 8:28 PM

Kenny Felt, in my opinion, ranks right up there with the best ever. At least since this blog is so far out of reach from its original point I thought it best to point out some inane opinion. All hail MJ's real heir apparent - Mighty Man Felt. Bring it. Dalton...you remember that time we played in the gym...you got schooled...the lane belonged to me. You may have owned the treys but you couldn't stop me penetrating to the bucket. Money money money.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Mon, Aug 6, 2007, at 9:43 PM

Glad to hear you can predict the future, Dalton.!! That's awesome!

-- Posted by michaelglover on Tue, Aug 7, 2007, at 10:38 AM

Heck yeah I can predict the future...you didn't know that?

Like I can predict that the next time me and Felt end up on the same basketball court, the final score will be: Dalton - Many points....Felt: No points.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Tue, Aug 7, 2007, at 11:12 AM


-- Posted by kennyfelt on Tue, Aug 7, 2007, at 12:00 PM

I hereby declare this thread ended. Obviously, nothing will be settled here. Thank you for your participation.


-- Posted by scottnuzum on Wed, Aug 8, 2007, at 10:49 AM

No no....thank you, Scott.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Wed, Aug 8, 2007, at 12:13 PM

How about Priest Holmes trying to take over the spot owned by Larry Johnson? Is Michael Jordan better than the both of them combined?

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Wed, Aug 8, 2007, at 8:30 PM

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