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Those Crazy Kids

Posted Thursday, February 28, 2008, at 10:55 AM

Okay so I've said quite a bit over the past few years about Fort Scott High School's student section. I'm going to say a few more words.

Monday and Tuesday night I photographed the girls and boys in their first round substate games. On both occasions the student section showed up with some of the most hideous, yet entertaining, outfits I've ever seen. Monday was a so-so night...complete with a Spiderman costume and a state-qualifying wrestler with a mohawk. Wonder who that was....

Tuesday started out nicely when the Lady Tigers basketball team showed up in retro basketball jerseys to impersonate the boys team and Coach Del. That was cute and entertaining. A few moments later the male fans arrived. Shortly thereafter the crowd sort of just stopped what they were doing and stared in utter amazement at what they saw. My jaw was on the floor. That same mohawked wrestler was wearing a blouse and skirt, his wrestling buddy was wearing a "Baby Girl" shirt, another male was wearing a bikini with a LOT of midriff showing. Another was donning a black wig with a low cut shirt and a skirt. As I refrained from gagging I saw a few more sights that might never leave my brain. A football star in his pink hoodie, complete with a stocking cap with puffballs hanging from it. And then another with a blonde wig and too-tight see-through white pants. Scratch my eyes out PLEASE!

Too top all that off there was too much eye makeup and a little too much flirting directed at the opposing boys team. Oh and I'll never forget hearing Mr. Davis wave his hand in the air like a performer on stage and yelling "DIVA" every few minutes just because he could.

It was all rather amusing. Life changing for me but nonetheless amusing. And good for the Tigers as well considering they torched Paola pretty good. I can only imagine what happens if either team makes it to state...

MOMS AND DADS PLEASE READ: If your child is one of the students who dress up at these games please oh please buy prints today!!! Someday you'll need blackmail material. Like when they run for President, win the Nobel Peace Prize or decide to marry a celebrity. These photos will be priceless.

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Fort Scotts student section rules! I'd have to say one of the best around...

-- Posted by Sports52 on Sat, Mar 1, 2008, at 1:11 AM

Fort Scott Student was of legendary status the past few years but for reason my gut is telling me their not going to be as entertaining this year. Just something to think about.

-- Posted by melookatyou on Thu, Oct 30, 2008, at 1:50 PM

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