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Posted Friday, December 28, 2007, at 11:11 AM

Today isn't just an ordinary day. Nope. I'm officially a quarter century old.

As I reflect on the past 25 years I think of some pretty insane moments. Let's have a seat on the couch (or if you are with your loved one, you can sit on the love seat) and think back on what has happened. Feel free to throw in any comments here and there if you remember something I don't.

Roll the footage....

Year 1 - Ummmm....do we generally remember this part of life?

Year 2 - Fall off my yellow rocking duck and split my head open. Doc sticks his ENTIRE finger in the crack to make sure everything is fine. Turns out there wasn't anything in there so they sewed me up and said "good luck."

Year 3 - I'm drawing a blank here.

Year 4 - Encounter Boogyman in basement. Come on guys...I'm not talking about boogers....the scary guy we always used to call the Boogyman. Geez. This is a for real statement too...some guy at the bottom of my stairs (that means he was in the basement for those of you not following too closely) wearing a trench coat and monsoon type hat thingy.

Year 5 - Kindergarten. Sister Kathy did EVERYTHING for me. Got up and got my school box for me. Dang near tried to control my life that year. And I let her too.....I miss the days of being waited on hand and foot. Sigh......

Year 6 - Broken arm. Used the cast to fight off the meanest, toughest kid in school. Her name was Ashley and she could beat the snot out of anyone. And I mean anyone. I cracked her good one time at recess with my cast. Good times...

Year 7 - Made the second grade teacher cry. It was her first year. I still remind her of that. And she's the S.W.E.E.T.E.S.T. person in the world. But...we still made her cry and it was kinda cool. In a sad, twisted way.

Year 8 - Lost my best friend. Let's move on.

Year 9 - Fourth grade....nothing too traumatic happened. Had a crush on my sister's best friend. Weird eh?

Year 10 - Played a LOT of Sim City. And I mean A LOT!

Year 11 - What happened in sixth grade that was awesome? Can't tell you...can't remember it!

Year 12 - Saw my best friend beat the living snot out of the school bully. And placed 4th in the spelling bee. Nothing worst than coming up one spot short of winning a dictionary. Dang.

Year 13 - Ahhh....eighth grade....called someone the B word while my teacher was standing right beside me.

Year 14 - High School. Girls. Girls. Girls. Girls. Did I mention that girls just might have crossed my mind a lot during this year? Got my first car. A 1988 Ford Tempo. Maroon. That's right. Put your lip back in your mouth and wipe the drool off your face. It was a pretty pimp ride until Year 15..

Year 15 - Drove Sweet Ride off 30-foot cliff. Landed that sucker in a tree and got whiplash, which sucks pretty much worse than just about anything.

Year 16 - This was a big year. I want you all to know that I'm pretty sure I was 16 but it's possible I was 15 when the first kiss came along...I know...I know....kinda late. True. True. But...I wasn't as charming then as I am now. That and I was sort of awkward and chubby. Really chubby.

Year 16 extended - Met Megan.

Year 17 - What happened here? Prom....what else?

Year 18 - Graduated high school. Started college. Lied my way into my first full time job. I won't tell you where it was. Let's just say I enjoyed it immensely and found my calling!

Year 19 - Went to more school....didn't study.

Year 20 - Huh? School. School. Moved to Pittsburg to attend PSU. Decorated a stuffed rabbit like a jackalope.

Year 21 - Became legal. Went to bed early.

Year 22 - Proposed to Megan. Graduated college from PSU. Quit my job to work at Captured Images.

Year 23 - Got hitched. That really can't be beat. I mean, come on. It's only one of the biggest decisions I've EVER made. It's kind of a big deal for those of you who haven't taken the plunge. I did meet some amazing friends in a dugout. They will stay with me for a long time.

Year 24 - Well...it's officially over and I must say that it has been a good one. A few of my favorites include celebrating one year of marriage, the ol' freelance career climbing a few steps up the ladder, winning honorable mention in the Gordon Parks Photo Competition, Megan graduating and meeting the Harrell Family from Pittsburg.

There are things I've forgotten. My trainer says I should drink more water and that my brain won't be so shriveled. So that's a goal for the year...unshrivel brain.

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