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My Next Blog

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2007, at 9:13 AM

This blog is dedicated to a great Fort Scotian, Jayci Cosens. She is an avid reader and told me that if I wrote about her in my next blog she would purchase a limited edition photo from my collection. So there ya go J.C.!!!!!!

Other than the above great news...I've had a horrible past 24 freaking hours.

1. My first dog...Shelby, a German shepherd/keeshond mix ran away. She was pushing 15 years in human age and had a bad limp. She lives outside, unlike my other dog who lives indoors, and just loves it when I greet her for dinner or breakfast. Yesterday was no different. She met me at the car to send me off to work and I patted her on the nose like I always do. As I drove to work she trotted beside me as I drove down the lane. She didn't stop at the bottom like normal so I turned around in hopes of her following me back to the house. She kept on truckin' down the road looking for a thrill...so I headed to work. I thought she would head back to the house. She didn't and now I don't know what to do. I'm a bit upset because it was my first dog and I didn't take her back to the house like I should have.

2. I've been sick with some sort of ailment for about 2-3 weeks. Crazy fatigue, headaches off and on and a lack of energy. I don't think I'm pregnant. All kidding aside it's driving me crazy and my wife is worried. So I finally made a doctor's appointment today after 2 weeks of promising that I would. Hope I'm not dying.

3. To make things worse I had a mishap during bossman and I's afternoon stress-reducing football toss. He tossed a ball a little short so I stuck my foot out to stop it from bouncing into a vehicle. Instead I stepped on it and fell backwards (imagine a 185 pound klutz dancing) into the vehicle. One dent now from my shoulder and another from my noggin. Instead of a pound of pigskin hitting the vehicle a 1/10th ton dude sideswiped it.

4. I'm not yet sure what is going to happen this evening to make the day worse; however, it could just get better. When I woke this morning I noticed that my finely coiffed (is that a word) mullet was getting too long to bear and needed a trim. So my hair stylist Brandy is going to fix me up.


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Oh, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. First of all, thank you for the blog mention. First paragraph, too, I'm now a minor celebrity . . . possibly the next Letterman invitee. In the future, I would rather be identified as "Jayci Cosens, Redfield by birth, Uniontown by graduation, Fort Scott by love." And I think the promise to buy an Eagle picture had something to do with the ending of my marriage (it's a fine line those marriages uniting West and East Bourbon County). I just can't break it to Chad, even for a rockin' Eagle pic. ("Fight, Fight, Fight for UHS!!") Sorry about your dog, only slightly your fault. Sorry about the car, mostly your fault. Mystery illness . . . I have no idea, might be tied to your shortening mullet in some way. Look into it.

-- Posted by jcosens on Thu, Sep 27, 2007, at 9:25 PM

As Jayci's mother, I am stunned by the Redfield oversight. Have you not been to that city lately? People are lining the streets of our town just waiting for housing opportunities to become available. Oh, wait....maybe they always live on the streets. Doesn't matter, everyone knows that Redfield is a "nice community to call home". If you don't believe it, just drive by the sign proclaiiming this truth on the north edge of town.

-- Posted by Rural Redfieldian on Fri, Sep 28, 2007, at 7:57 AM

I hope you're not dying. I'd miss you.

Are you sure about the pregnancy thing? I mean, it only takes one time.

-- Posted by The Union Forever on Fri, Sep 28, 2007, at 6:28 PM

Newsflash: not dying. only had a bacterial infection in my upper respiratory area.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Wed, Oct 10, 2007, at 10:46 AM

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