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So I'm back. Yippee, right?

Posted Tuesday, August 7, 2007, at 9:13 PM

This is where I've been the last week or so.


Anyway, I'm pretty hot. By that I mean temperature. Cuz it's hot as you know what. Anyway, I'm pretty much blocked as far as writing goes. But it's been requested by my superiors that I rip out a new blog. So here goes...who knows if it will make sense.

My German shepherd, Shelby, has a swimming pool. Unfortunately she only uses it occasionally...and generally only after it's been recently filled with ice cold water. She lives outside on a chain so I feel like she should have one indulgence. My cocker spaniel, Mocha Frappucino, is like a kid to my wife and I. She gets a haircut more often than I and she's more up-to-date on her immunizations as well. Basically she's a better human than I am and I'm cool with that. My wife snuggles with her more than me...which is probably because I have a smart mouth and I smell like a sweaty guy on occasion.

Back to the pool....We humans can have everything we stinking want so an animal should get something, right? Not if you ask Michael Vick. That dude would give a dog a pool....but only if it had a power cord loose in the water. Dude deserves prison if he committed the atrocious acts it's said he did. He brings animal cruelty to a whole new level. Come into my yard Mike Vick and see what happens to you if you approach my dogs.

Here's the conversation:

Me: "Hey Mr. Vick can I help you?"

Vick: "Sure, I'm just looking for a few neighborhood dogs for my pit bulls to fight."

Me: "Well my Ruger could probably handle you and your dogs."

Vick: "Sounds great, can I meet him?"

Me: "Sure can Mr. Vick. Let me go get him loaded up."

Shortly thereafter Mr. Vick would be running out my driveway with a bit of lead in his backside.

In short...I don't believe in hurting animals in the name of sport. I like turkey and quail and other wild meat....but hunting for food is a different topic. Hunting just to mount something on the wall, well that's another story.

What does everyone think about this Michael Vick case? Sound off.....

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