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Bringing sexy back

Posted Friday, May 18, 2007, at 7:42 AM

Well, it's official. Captured Images has made co-ed softball fun again.

Thursday night Team C.I. matched up with the better qualified Union Station. Our butts were sent home packing with a big "L". It's okay, a 14-6 defeat looks a whole lot better to us than how the game started. We sucked in the first two innings but then started pulling ourselves together and put in a solid effort.

The good news is that we wowed the crowd with our uniforms. The guys wore ringer tees with a "Shooters" logo and our numbers on the back. The girls wore similar super tight shirts and short shorts. We had no idea that these uniforms would be such a hit with opposing players (rolling eyes). Guess the guys were a bit distracted (you can see this as a handful are caught checking out one of our players as she prepares to run home). I'm guessing they weren't checking out her shoes...or hair.

After the game several opposing players said they would play our team every night of the week and I'm guessing it's not because we were good competition. Who woulda thunk that these uniforms would have been such an attention getter.....I can tell you I sure didn't. Oh well.

So...in short...if we can't win...we're at least going to look better than everyone else. Or as pop star Justin Timberlake puts it...

We're Bringing Sexy Back.....

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