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Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2007, at 10:53 AM

Hey there. Crazy weekend, eh? First the FSHS Tigers softball went boomshockalocka on a Parsons team that had just a wee bit of trouble competing with the Big Time Talent they faced. 15-0. 15-0. Let's go home. Not many could ask for a better start to the weekend.

Mine only got crazier. And by that I mean crazy with a capital C. Wife Megan and I attended a retreat at the home of Bruce and Gayle Krigel with about 40 other people. Their home, at least 8,000 square feet located near the plaza, was opened to all of us for nearly the entire day Saturday. I can't even imagine the cost of feeding and entertaining that many people for dinner. We had a Mexican assortment that shamed Taco Bell. And for dessert we were treated to the B-E-S-T (I'm trying to prove that I can spell) birthday cake I've ever shoved in my face. Alvin Brooks (narrowily lost in KC's recent mayoral election to Mayor Funkybunch) was the birthday guest of honor. I was in charge of lighting the candles on the cake as it was carried out and placed before him. I failed. Only because of a faulty lighter. I swear.

Sorry to stagger a bit from good storytelling. This place was just a step above. Like I said, the grass was greener, the water was bluer (Spelling?), the Doritos tasted better, the pig-particle hot dogs even tasted like a delicacy and the toilet paper was softer. I can't explain the madness. My six pack even looked six packier and my beautiful wife was even MORE beautiful than ever. And that's hard to do. Only because she's perfect with a capital P.

And they were the nicest people in the world. The WORLD. And that includes Antartica. Gayle cooked every bit of the food, let us have free roam of her house (including the half basketball court located on the second story), Bruce's golf clubs that I happily used at a nearby country club, and then invited us back for breakfast Sunday morning. There's no excuse for being this nice. Before I forget...Gayle was recently honored as Kansas City's volunteer of the year. Congrats. Oh....they also bought our tickets to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at Union Station. Bam! Perfection in a bottle.....a perfect weekend.

Except for the big tornado that ripped the organs, but not the heart, out of Greensburg, Kansas. I couldn't believe my eyes as I checked out Sunday's Kansas City Star...the image just incredible. My prayers go out to everyone there. I actually stopped in the small town a few years back on a road trip with a few friends. As you can see in the image at top left, one of my best friends, Todd, and I are hanging out in the Deepest Hand Dug Well. We are pointing up towards the sky as if to imply that it's above us....nevermind.

And the other photo is of that beautiful wife of mine. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

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