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Yet another blog...

Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at 12:27 PM

When I get an itch, I scratch it. When I feel the need to write, I write. So what if I'm a prolific blogger. More entertainment for you out there who unluckily happened upon these words, eh?

Quite often I miss "THE" shot. That one picture that sums up an entire game. The shot that defines history...my Pulitzer. Usually it's my fault because I'm eating trail mix, telling a joke, or looking at the back of my camera. Not this time! This time it was that stinkin' coach who always seemed to stand between me and the action.

At Monday's softball game I saw a play develop and I was ready for once! This time, Crystal Colvin was playing centerfield when a ball was hit her direction. I could tell it was going to be a bit short and that she would probably have to dive for it. She did. And I captured it perfectly...at least I thought I did. Seems that a fat head waltzed right into my frame and ruined the shot for me. Why me? I thought. Am I really that awful of a person to have a great photo ruined? Oh well there's always another shot at it right? Wrong. That might have been a career changer. Thanks again personidontlikecuzyouruinedmyweekmonthandyear.

For my Good Samaritan deed of the week...I'm including a link at the bottom. Please don't let your kids hang around the sidelines of any athletic event. If you're squeamish don't look at the link.


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Kenny, you keep the girls in this office in stitches! Keep up the good work on your excellent blogs... you really brighten our days.

-- Posted by Trib_Ad_Girls on Wed, Apr 25, 2007, at 2:22 PM

Save all your writings. I see a book in the future. Life as Kenny sees it. Keep it real.

-- Posted by waterboy on Wed, Apr 25, 2007, at 3:50 PM

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