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Posted Friday, April 20, 2007, at 4:29 PM

I'm a random guy. Don't generally stay on one subject too long. Guessing that's because of my undiagnosed (or so I think) ADHD. I can't sit still too long. My mind wanders when I'm in deep thought. Naturally I have a lot of random thoughts so this blog is going to be random. My twin sister thinks I'm weird. She might be right. My wife knows I'm weird. But she still loves me, so I guess I got something going for me, eh?


- Someone wrote that there is no need to harm a snake. Well, I didn't harm it ... I destroyed it! With about two hundred pellets from my shotgun. It may well have been harmless, but it invaded my territory and threatened my backside. It had to be taken care of. I took care of it. Bring it on PETA. I'd do it again if I had to. Except with a bigger gun and I'd videotape it and send it to Jeff Foxworthy.

Okay, so you all probably want to know what the life of a photographer is like? Before I can tell you what my life is like, I must inquire if anyone even cares. Does anyone care? Good. Here goes.

First off, I'm not monetarily wealthy. That's the first question I get. Now you don't have to ask anymore. Secondly, I can't put you on television with my camera. It's not equipped to do that. Only one image at a time folks. Sorry. Yes, I have dropped my camera (that's why my blog is entitled as such). I've dropped three cameras. The first was dropped off the roof of the Nu Grille about 5 years ago and it survived. The second camera I dropped turned out a lot like the snake in my toilet - obliterated. And the third camera, well it's been dropped, but it still works fine and dandy. The lens that was on it when I dropped did not suffer the same fate. It now rests with the Nikon gods.

On that same note about cameras, it matters not what type of camera a person owns. It's all about the photographer. So please don't tell me that I have an advantage over you because I own a big camera. It's not true. It only holds up better when I drop it. Essentially, that's what I pay for.

Want more randomness? I wish there was a law against skateboarders wearing pants that hang around their ankles. I have no problem with George W. Bush. Except the fact that he's basically ruined the lives of millions of people for years to come. My favorite photographer is Thomas Mangelsen. Check him out.

Uniontown High School teacher Norm Conard will be inducted into the National Teacher's Hall of Fame before long. He's completely worthy of all praise that can be given. Send him a note to congratulate him. If you were lucky to have him as a teacher, you know the impact he has had. Job well done sir.

I'm including a photo for you to look at. Hope it brightens your day.



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Yup, definatly brightened my day! And is there ANY way to turn OFF randomness? I couldn't sleep a wink last night cause my brain was like in overdrive. My fiance' told me to go sleep on the couch cause I kept waking him up to tell him stupid things that popped into my head, like at 1 AM when I just HAD to tell him the WalMart Super Center had opened Wednesday. Yeah, he was less than amused.

-- Posted by Rebecca Layne on Fri, Apr 20, 2007, at 6:04 PM

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