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Update to the Toilet Killer and Mad Props

Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2007, at 3:13 PM

Tab Colvin winning the hula hoop contest at the 50's dance.
Just a quick update on my last blog -- the snake in the toilet problem is still an issue, as we teeter on the verge of insanity every time we enter the bathroom. A quick lift of the lid generally calms our fears. I'm not sure what we're afraid of ... I blew Mr. Snake to smithereens ... maybe I fear one of his bigger friends will come to pay us revenge? If that's the case, Mr. Snake's friend better know that I'm not afraid to blow up the new toilet and the entire sewer line to ensure it doesn't happen again.

While I'm trying to overcome the fear of snakes in the house, I'm never going to get over my fear of snakes OUTSIDE. Within about 50-75 feet of our house, there is a pit that plays home to a zillion slithery beings. And they include those pesky rattleheadcopperconstrictor type snakes that eat people. So now when I mow the yard (we have a push mower to cover about an acre of grass), I carry a machete just in case. Can you spell redneck? Since none of the previous words have remotely anything to do with photography or journalism, I'm going to hit that now.

Luckily for me I get to photograph a lot of high school events. It's commonly known amongst photographers that high school events provide some of the best photographic opportunities because of the passion those involved hold for their athletic team, their music or any other abilities. Recently I photographed Fort Scott High School's 50's dance and the annual talent show. Didn't really know what to expect since I hadn't covered the talent show before and I believe this was the first time since the 1950s that a 50's dance was held. The talent show was hilarious and the dance, was pretty entertaining as well.

So, to thank the students for making both events a rockin' good time, I'm establishing in my blog an award for someone in the community who has made me smile, laugh, cry, snort, giggle, fume with anger, etc. The award's name will probably change every time. This time it's Cool Fort Scott High School Students With Talent.

The award goes to Tab Colvin for her win in the 50's dance hula hoop contest. She twirled the longest and for an encore managed to do 3 hoops at a time. I can't even do one.

Since I make the rules, an award also goes to Aimee Lewis and Levi Weilert for their work as emcees to the talent show. Possibly the funniest thing I've ever witnessed.

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Where did the newspaper find you! You continue to make me smile, cringe and laugh out loud. Huba. Huba.

-- Posted by waterboy on Tue, Apr 17, 2007, at 8:15 PM

I'm sorry that I make you cringe. My apologies. I hail from Uniontown, Kansas, the greatest city in the universe.

-- Posted by kennyfelt on Tue, Apr 17, 2007, at 11:05 PM

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