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My first car

Posted Friday, March 23, 2012, at 9:23 PM

A recent series by one of our columnists brought to mind my first car -- a Renault Alliance.

Remember those? They were endorsed by George C. Scott.

My dad purchased it for me (I paid the loan off) when I got my first newspaper job in Laredo, Texas. It was fine for the first few months, but when I moved to East Texas, a more humid climate, it was like the Johnny Cash song "One Piece at a Time" -- in reverse.

When I moved from East Texas to the Texas Panhandle, the police chief in the town I was working in told me Renault's were a piece of crap. I took offense. But his pithy analysis rang true.

Piece by piece over the years it fell apart. I kept having it put back together because I was poor and couldn't afford a downpayment on a car. When I was in Florida, I had what seemed to be my own personal mechanic and tow truck driver. I could call the tow truck driver and he would take it to the mechanic's shop.

I had everything from blown head gaskets to computers going out to smoke coming out of the dash board. Finally one day when I was driving to work on Gasparilla Island -- just before I made it to the entrance of the toll bridge, white smoke started coming out of the engine compartment.

That was the end. I had it towed back to the mechanic. It turned out I had thrown a rod.

The car is now a metal cube somewhere. May it rest in peace.

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Thousands and thousands of successful truck healthy truck driver have made the move to becoming an Owner Operator.

There is something to be said about owning your own business, being in control and going after that American dream.

-- Posted by transportationindustry on Sun, Apr 15, 2012, at 8:37 PM

I had an old Yellow car. No, we did not call it "Old Yeller" it was a good but not ideally attractive ride; I think of it fondly now and then.I'm sure it's a metal cube, now, too.

-- Posted by Lynn A. Wade, Nevada Daily Mail editor on Tue, Apr 17, 2012, at 9:08 PM

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