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Monday, Jan. 16, 2017

Black Rectangle

Posted Friday, January 20, 2012, at 9:03 PM

The black rectangle appeared on our Sharp TV Saturday afternoon. We had planned to buy a new remote for our Philips DVD/VCR player that day anyway because the one we had didn't work anymore. Not even fresh batteries could save it.

Our first mistake was buying the wrong brand of remote control for our DVD/VCR player. It was a Vizio. We don't have anything in the Vizio brand. The remote just looked sleek and pretty. Unfortunately, Vizio did not play well with any of the brands of electronics we had.

I called Vizio for technical support. After several attempts -- both online and on the phone, I found out they could only help me if I had a Vizio TV. OK. That remote was going to be returned. And I still had the black rectangle, which was especially annoying given the playoff football games being broadcast.

I tried calling DISH network thinking they could send someone out to deal with the black rectangle. They could not, because they figured it was a problem with the remote or the TV. Anything I tried, I still had the black rectangle, until someone, I can't remember which company, gave me the number for Sharp. The woman helped me through the process that removed the black rectangle. Joy was felt -- and expressed -- throughout the household!

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